Engage Clients with Original Research

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Engage Clients with Original Research

Social | Aug 22, 2018

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For the longest time, marketers have been relying on their instincts when it comes to creating content for their B2B companies. Recently, we’ve seen a change in the tide as marketers now are incorporating original research into their strategy. There are, however, several ways of reaching out to potential B2B clients and it can be an overwhelming experience figuring out which type of content to use for their original research.

Several studies have shown that blog posts, infographics, videos, and sharing findings on social media are among the top type of content that marketers use.

Here’s why these types of content are the most effective approach.

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Blog Posts

When you’re ready to share the results of your own original research, creating a blog content is important for several reasons. Publishing the results of your research on your blog helps establish your authority in your industry. It means you know your stuff, and you’re backing it up with facts and figures. Another great reason for blogging is it helps increase traffic to your website.


Infographics are the perfect type of content if your research is data-driven. It’s an easy, yet engaging way of interacting with your clients because they can quickly find the information they can use for their business. Infographics require more graphic design and less content writing. What this means is that your original research can easily be shared on social media by businesses who find your report interesting.


Video content is great for business. To start, your original research can be thoroughly explained in a video. Animating your report can bring to life all the uninteresting numbers and figures. Your video animation is the perfect one-two combination of entertainment and straightforwardness. Also, in today’s modern world, your video content will reach new audiences as videos appeal to many mobile users.

Social Sharing

Whether you decide to write a blog post, create an infographic, or produce a video, sharing them on your social media outlets is always a great idea. It gives you brand authority because you are sharing insights that only you can provide. Sharing on social media is also very cost-effective; it’s literally free to join social networking sites. On top of all these benefits, it helps build your own personal brand. You are able to show your company culture is a very fun and relaxed way.

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