8 Influencer Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

8 Influencer Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Social | Oct 22, 2020

We’re in the last quarter of 2020! If you’re reading this, you’re one of the many surviving this peculiar year.

With every waking day we have, it’s an opportunity for us to improve ourselves and our businesses. That’s why today, we’re talking about upcoming influencer marketing trends for 2021.

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If you’re a savvy businessperson, you know that marketing strategies take months in advance to plan. And now is the best time to look into the trends you can integrate into your annual marketing plan.

The introduction of social media platforms like TikTok is paving new ways for up and coming creators to shine, and it’s opened doors for brands to communicate to consumers in new ways.

While it’s always difficult to predict trends, it’s good to know where trends and industries are going so businesses can prepare a thorough attack plan.

Without further ado, here’s our prediction for 2021’s influencer marketing trends.

#1 Micro-influencers will be crowned kings and queens

Micro-influencers are creators who have followers between 10,000-50,000 followers.

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It’s been said before that micro-influencers will be the driving force of influencer marketing. 2021 seems to be the year this prediction will come to fruition.

The smaller demographic influencers best work for startup brands or local companies since they’re more affordable to partner with. Another plus is that micro-influencers tend to have higher engagement rates than macro-influencers.

#2 The rise of niche influencers

Many celebrities or macro-influencers you see on social platforms promote multiple products or brands.

But there’s a growing trend we’re seeing where content creators are focusing on specific markets. And businesses are noticing this and are incorporating a strategy to work with niche influencers.

#3 More authentic content

Don’t underestimate your consumers. They can spot from miles away whether a review or endorsement is paid or organic.

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The upcoming influencer marketing trend is about creating genuine content that connects with a content creator’s followers. It shouldn’t look too over-produced or appear to be very commercial-like.

#4 Performance-based influencer marketing

The world of influencer marketing is getting too crowded. It’s getting harder and harder to see the results many influencers promise.

In 2021, we will see the growth of performance-based deals. Performance-based influencer marketing is a growing trend that looks into data and results (clicks, sales, likes) of a brand’s partnership with a content creator.

#5 Your staff and shoppers are influencers

2021 will be the year where everyone is an influencer.

No content creator will ever know your business as much as your employees and your loyal shoppers. It’s time to get them involved! Research shows that content a staff member shares about the company they work for gets 8x more engagement than a regular brand post.

#6 It’s TikTok time

TikTok is here to stay, no matter how much Trump hates the app.

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Thanks to Microsoft and other companies for stepping up, one of the most used apps today will be a big trend in 2021.

With one-of-a-kind filters and editing abilities, TikTok is a unique platform where brands, influencers, and users can show off their creativity.

With so much happening on TikTok, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see influencer marketing campaigns skyrocket in the new year.

#7 Long-term relationships

Content creators have proven their worth.

We’ll see an uptake of brands signing influencers into long-term contracts. On the one hand, there’s financial stability for brand ambassadors. And on the other, businesses will continue to see growth and loyalty from consumers.

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#8 Purposeful partnerships 

We’ve seen it all in 2020!

From the fight for racial equity to demanding accountability from government officials and taking action to solve climate change, many influencers use their platform to promote positive changes in our nation.

This trend will continue in 2021, where brands, influencers, and customers prioritize a more conscientious business practice. Expect to see more sustainable and eco-friendly products and services. There will also be a lot of support for small businesses, especially minority-owned businesses.

Need a head start with your digital marketing strategy for 2021? Send us a message! We’re here to assist you from stage 1 of your planning to your campaigns’ final execution. We even pair you with the best influencers whose fan-base is similar to your target audience.


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