8 Steps to Building a Successful Blog

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8 Steps to Building a Successful Blog

Social | Jan 28, 2021

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2020 may have left many of us in shambles, financially, emotionally, and mentally. We’re drained and tired. But we always try and stand back up on our two feet. We find ways to survive, solutions to problems, and doors to open our world to new opportunities. 

If there are any positive outcomes staying in place and working remotely has taught us, it’s that there are jobs and office tasks that can be performed at home. 

Working from home is not a by-product of COVID-19, but it did shine a light that work can be done outside the confines of office walls.

Clean work table with laptop and extra monitor

Blogging is one of the top occupations that don’t require being stuck in an office. Since the mid-90s, we’ve seen weblogs or blogs take on many shapes and sizes. Many people found blogging as a way to earn money.

Today, blogging is a profession seen in a broad spectrum – gamingtravelstyle, and family and lifestyle. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

You, too, can join their ranks and start earning money blogging in the comfort of your home or wherever your heart desires to call a workstation. 

Check out these steps on how to create your own blog and start making money.

Personal fitness trainer showing exercises

Find your niche

Before planning your global domination, you need to define your niche. Then you can start developing your blog. Start by finetuning what you want to write about and do a simple Google search to know if there is an audience and if you can run a niche blog.

Define your niche. Will you be in:  

  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Family
  • Health & Beauty
  • Fitness
  • Technology
  • Marketing

laptop on work table with brass cup on the side

Pick a name for your blog 

Like any brand or company, you’re investing time and money into blogging. Make sure you think of your name well. Be creative! 

Your name can potentially attract people looking to find new bloggers or influencers. Think of a name that will represent you and your niche. This way, it will definitely be unique.  

Purchase a domain and hosting

Now, cross your fingers and hope that the domain name is not taken. If it’s not available, you need to get back on the drawing board and find a one-of-a-kind name. You then need to find a host, which is the server where your files will be stored.

Woman in orange sweater working in bedroom

Select blog’s platform

Many bloggers who don’t know how to code developed their blog using a content management system (CMS). This is the most common way many creators started.

Here are some of the leading CMS platforms to kickstart your page.

Make your blog feel like you

Whichever CMS platform you decide to use, search for a theme that best represents you, your niche, and your brand. Once you’ve decided on a theme, you can customize your blog’s colors and font style that attracts your readers.

Laptop, notebook, coffee, and camera on clean white table

Plan your content

You’ve gone through several steps. That’s great!

Now comes the fun part. Strategizing your content.

What we mean by strategizing is that you develop unique content that readers can only find on your site. When you provide authentic content that adds value to people’s lives, you’ll have a steady increase of visitors while amassing loyal subscribers. 

It’s also helpful to create a content calendar. It helps you stay relevant and consistent with your readers. By posting at a steady pace, you’re letting your readers know your page is active. They’ll have a reason to visit your blog because they know you’ll provide quality content.

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You may have seen or heard this a million times, but if you want to be on top search engine result pages, you should invest time and effort into your SEO. Here are key terms to think about when planning.

On-Page SEO

This means that your content and source code are optimized for your website to rank higher in search engines.

Off-Page SEO

Activities involving raising awareness to your website from other sources – guest blogging, social media, and link building.

Technical SEO

The basis of how your website will rank. This is the way search engine spiders crawl sites and index content.


These are links created when you link to another website.

Keyword research

This is an essential part of creating content. It’s identifying famous words or phrases people type into search engines.

Social Media Marketing

This is a strategy involving websites and social media to promote your blog.

Search Engine Marketing

Another essential strategy for promoting your blog page is increasing your search engine visibility.

Work table with laptop and notebook

Get Google AdSense

From a sponsored post to event blogging, there are many money-making ways to earn a living as a blogger. 

One of the leading sources of income for bloggers is display ads. These are ads of several formats that appear on the site. Google AdSense is a trusted program that publishes ads on targeted site content and audience.

Another means to make money is through affiliate marketing. This strategy is performance-based or, in other words, you, the blogger, receive a commission when your readers buy something from an affiliate link you shared on your blog.

Looking for a side hustle or new ways of making a living? Maybe blogging is the way to go. Consult with one of our experts. We’ll guide you through this step by step process to ensure you’re on the right path.

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