Give Brand New Life: Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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Give Brand New Life: Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Industry | Jun 10, 2020

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Digital marketing is an industry that's driven by constant change.

And if you don't ride the waves, your brand can and will be left behind. For any brand looking to improve their online presence and sales, the smart move is to avoid these common digital marketing mistakes.

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MISTAKE #1 Not Setting Goals

When going on a road trip, one of the first things you'd do is plug in the address to your GPS. Or else, you'll be traveling lost and blind with no direction to your destination.

So, before you steamroll into a new campaign, make sure to set a goal for your digital marketing strategy. Figure out what your campaign's needs and what you want to get out of it.

Are you trying to build your online credibility or improving your profits? Whatever your goal may be, you should start your campaign by setting a goal.

MISTAKE #2 Using Clickbait

We know boosting sales, engagement, and clicks are a few of your company's priorities. But it's 2020, and clickbait isn't one of them. Exaggerating subject matters or blowing things out of proportion to attract consumers without providing anything substantial.

Rather than focusing on clickbait, develop content that delivers a straightforward message directed at your audience. This strategy creates satisfied consumers who will become consistent consumers.

MISTAKE #3 Not Having a Target Audience

What good is a fantastic, jaw-dropping digital marketing strategy if you don't know who your target audience is. Who's buying in on your brand if you're targeting the wrong crowd?

Always think of your audience first. Get to know your demographic. Where is your audience located? What age group do they belong to? How much money do they earn? Once you have the answers to all these questions, you're ready to start your digital marketing strategy.

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MISTAKE #4 Underselling Your Website

Your web presence is essential for businesses these days. But there are over a billion websites on the Internet. Don't just have a website for website's sakes. You have to go all-in if you want to be recognized.

Show your website some much-needed love. Increase your website's traffic by investing in SEO, create quality content, and promote it on search engines. To drive traffic to your website, which eventually results in revenue, you need to invest in its promotion—investing in SEO, SEM and the development of high-quality content.

MISTAKE #5 Ignoring Emails Being Sent by Customers

No one likes to be ignored, especially customers who took the time and effort to write your company. It could be feedback, good or bad, or a follow up on an order.

Whatever it is, ignoring customers' emails will not look good on your brand. Responding to consumers is a crucial component of your strategy as it helps build customer retention.

MISTAKE #6 Too Many Promotions

Too much of anything is not suitable for a brand. With that said, promoting too many sales on your social or website defeats the purpose of highlighting a promotion. Consumers lose sight of the urgency when there's always a promotion on your website.

Create a sense of need by showing your product or service is in high demand. In this way, consumers flock to your website when you create a promotion.

MISTAKE #7 Not Creating Quality Content

Content is and always will be necessary. So, when creating content, make sure quality comes first. It can be updating your webpage, a weekly blog, a sale, or a meme that made you LOL.

Whatever content you decide to upload, make sure it has purpose and meaning. Posting a funny meme shows your audience you have a sense of humor and don't take yourself too seriously. It adds character.

Developing low-quality content turns people off. No consumer wants to see unrelated content online, useless information, or a post that's three days late from when it was trending.

MISTAKE #8 Not Engaging on Social Media

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These days, one can say that social media runs the world we live in. Not being active on social media is a brand's death sentence.

If you want to reach out to your demographic, you need to be on social media. It's mandatory.

But it's more than just being on a social media platform. And it's more than just paying for an ad on Instagram or Facebook.

You need to engage your target audience. You need to share relevant content your audience wants to see, read, double-tap, and share with their followers.

Marketing mistakes happen all the time. Some of them are common. It's important to know these mistakes are avoidable. With a little attention to detail, you can run your business smoothly.

Think you're stretching yourself and your team too thin? Find your brand a group of experts who can help take your digital marketing strategy to the next level by eliminating marketing mistakes.

We're here to support you with your essential digital marketing needs. We're here to help make your life easier and elevate your brand's success. We provide social media, SEO, marketing personas, brand identity, and web development assistance. Let’s talk!

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