How to Use Psychographic Segmentation for Holiday Marketing

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How to Use Psychographic Segmentation for Holiday Marketing

Social | Dec 05, 2021

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Most retailers look forward to the holidays as a time of extra sales. In this time of competitive commerce, you can’t simply wait for customers to flock to your page. You need to create a killer marketing strategy this holiday season to draw consumers in. And to do that, you need to use psychographics, especially psychographic segmentation. Let’s talk about psychographics and how you can use them this holiday season to boost your revenue.


What are Psychographics?

First, what are psychographics, and is there a difference between psychographics vs. demographics? The term psychographics refers to the psychological criteria of a population such as attitude and interests. Demographics, on the other hand, refers to things like age, gender, religion, and race.


How to Use Psychographic Segmentation in Your Holiday Marketing

These three quick tips will teach you how to use psychographic segmentation this holiday season to boost sales. The most important thing to remember is to pay attention to your consumer data, or these tips won’t work!


Begin Early

Gathering information about your consumer psychographics takes time. You’ll need to sift through data with whatever tool you use, whether that be social media analytics or software on your website. Facebook is one excellent tool for gleaning psychographic and demographic information from consumers if you have a page for your business.

If you don’t have a tool for collecting consumer data yet, get one before proceeding to the second tip.


Use Segmentation to Create Categorized Personas

Psychographic segmentation is really key for holiday marketing. To implement successful psychographic segmentation, you’ll need to create personas. A persona is a fictional individual based on real consumer data. Personas are a complete profile with a name and backstory. You can be as detailed as you like as long as you are relying on real data during the creation process. When you create personas based on real psychographic and demographic data, you have an idea of exactly who you’re marketing to. You should then segment the various personas into categories like age, beliefs, and lifestyles. For instance, Baby Boomers and Millennials naturally will have different buying behaviors, and thus belong in their own sections.


Create Targeted Content for Each Segment

Once you’ve used psychographics to learn about your various consumers’ behavior, you need to deliver personalized content based on the information you collected for your personas. For instance, you should have an individualized call-to-action (CTA) for each segment. Remember, marketing copy is only effective when it resonates with the targeted consumers. One type of copy can’t please every segment, so make sure you focus on getting different copy to different consumers.

Final Thoughts on Using Psychographic Segmentation in Holiday Marketing

Marketing is not one-size-fits-all, and this is especially true for holiday shoppers who each have their own unique needs this season. It’s crucial you create marketing campaigns using psychographic segmentation to please each unique group. If you need help with psychographic segmentation, USA Link System can help. Call our brand strategist today and learn how we can assist you.

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