Cutting Out the Noise: Setting Social Media Priorities for ROI-Based Selling

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Cutting Out the Noise: Setting Social Media Priorities for ROI-Based Selling

Social | Nov 12, 2021

ROI-based selling brings value to your customer experience—and your social media marketing.

Does it feel like every day there is a new tool, software, or social media platform to learn to keep up with the changing landscape of business? It can be overwhelming to the marketer and consumer. Or what if your business is not on social media—yet? It’s not about having a presence everywhere, but a strategic presence in the right places.


How to Prioritize Social Media for ROI-Based Selling

Adapt or Fail

In 2021, having a social media presence for your business is not optional—it’s mandatory. Customers are more likely to check social media than call a business, and the way a company engages with its audience on social media can make or break a first impression.

Identify Your Audience

Increasing the ROI of social media marketing starts with identifying your target audience, where they spend their time, and the type of content with which they engage.


Check Your Data

Sift through the data to see where your target market spends their time. Do your posts get the most engagement on Instagram or Facebook? What types of posts do they find engaging? Focus on those platforms and forget the rest.


A great place to start is using a tool called the social media ROI pyramid. The foundation of the three-level pyramid is engagement data. Social media gives you a direct line to your customers, and since your customers are your business, this is an incredibly valuable priority.

The next priorities in the pyramid are social media analytics, such as impressions, and business metrics, such as revenue, but it’s best to focus on engagement for ROI based selling in the long term.



There are many tools that social media marketers can use to get a better ROI on time spent in this marketing avenue.

Content Creation

Images and videos perform best on social media for all demographics, so visual content complete with compelling copy should be your priority. You can create your own graphics using a design tool like Canva, or hire a content creator to create photos, videos, and graphics.


Content Calendars

A content calendar is your social media plan, including image and video ideas, text, and planning for recurring post types. Planning your content calendar in advance is a great way to get ahead, plan for upcoming holidays and trends, identify patterns, and stay consistent.



Social media scheduling tools such as Later and Buffer allow you to schedule your posts in advance so you can set it and forget it. But don’t actually forget it—be sure to monitor the post performance and engage with your audience.

Need Help?

If you’re starting from scratch or simply don’t have time and need an expert to help get your social media marketing plan set up for success, drop us a line!

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