eCommerce Product Photography: Tips for Gorgeous Photos
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eCommerce Product Photography: Tips for Gorgeous Photos

Brand | Jan 22, 2022

You simply cannot skate by with poor photos if you want to succeed in the eCommerce realm.

Amazing photos are key to selling products online, and if your photos fall flat, more than likely your buyers will move on to something that looks more attractive.

How to Create Amazing Photos

While creating advertising photos for your eCommerce site isn’t rocket science, there are a few rules of engagement.


Use a Suitable Camera

First and foremost, choose a camera that is suitable for the task. With the right camera for product photography, your job only becomes that much easier.

The goal is to find a camera that produces clear, high-definition, and realistic pictures.

However, don’t equate good with expensive; you don’t need it to have the highest megapixel count. It should be just enough so it can take quality pictures.


Use the Right Tools

Your camera isn’t the only tool you need for the job. Depending on the camera, you might need different lenses for different products and shots.

For example, a prime lens is better suited to highlight certain features of your product, whereas, wide lenses are better suited for landscape images.

You might need a white background to create a crisp boundary between your product and the background.

Also, a tripod could come in handy if you want sharp pictures while taking them from odd angles.


Use the Best Angles

The angles you choose for your photographs should not be chosen at random.

You need to figure out beforehand what angle places your products in the best light, showcasing its features.

That means you should first know which features of your product are most desirable to prospective clients. #KnowYourCustomer!

To be safe, take pictures from the front, sides, and back of the product, as well as a few close-up shots from all sides.


Use Proper Lighting

You can have the best camera, figure out all the optimum angles, and it still wouldn’t produce good photos without proper lighting.

It’s preferable to use natural light instead of artificial light, and to maximize the light, be sure to surround the product with high-contrast (usually white) items.


Use a Sizing Reference

Frankly, it’s hard to gauge the size of a product when shopping online. After all, you are making decisions based on 2D images of the product.

By including sizing references for your product, you make shopping infinitely more convenient for your customers.

One simple solution is to take pictures while a person is holding your product. Alternatively, you can include other common everyday use items as references.


Edit As Needed

Don’t be shy about editing your photos. Just because edits may be needed doesn’t mean the photo is bad.

As long as you’re editing your photos to highlight the best features of your products, without removing anything important or changing the product image completely, you are doing your job.

Gorgeous eCommerce Photos Don’t Just Happen!

Ultimately, remember that gorgeous product photos don’t just happen. They do require some skill and finesse to create. Even if you’re a novice, by using our tips above, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

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