Let Yourself Be Unique, Sell More!

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Let Yourself Be Unique, Sell More!

Brand | Jan 23, 2022

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Let’s gaze together through a crystal ball at your product or service. What makes you different?
Stay open, put on your visionary glasses and consider this more of a thought experiment than a guidebook. In fact, ditch the crystal ball, let’s use a kaleidoscope!


What Are You Selling?

Of course, you already know what you’re selling. But we’re going to take what you’re offering and reverse engineer it. We’ll keep it fun by applying our creativity almost to the point of absurdity.

The reason? To bust you out of a boxed-in way of thinking and help you discover which unique qualities (and, eventually, creative hashtags) will distinguish you.


Let’s say you’re offering something in or around fashion. What if you niche your apparel like crazy?

Consider - how would you and your business show up in the world if you had an ultra-specific, narrow niche you were serving?


Who Is Your Product For and Why?

In this unlikely, magical thought experiment, start with a fake product. 

Imagine that whatever you’re selling is perfect for brain surgeons.

Ask yourself what problems brain surgeons have that you’re solving. (Later, apply all these questions and brainstorming techniques to your real product.)

Like nurses, they stand all day, whether they’re consulting with patients or performing surgery.

Perfect! You’ve just created a line of compression socks that increase blood flow and decrease pain. They’re ideal for anyone who spends most of their working life on their feet.

But you realize that all the other compression socks out there is the color of Band-Aids. That’s pretty uninspiring.


How Will You Differentiate Your Product?

You’re a disrupter and you know that “medical grade” doesn’t have to be boring. Instead, your line of compression socks will feature humorous designs.

Let’s say the type of quirky surgeons and nurses you want to reach love sushi and practice Buddhism. We’re interested in specificity.

Congratulations, you’ve niched like an insane person!

Hire a designer and start cranking out a line of compression socks with a sushi design.

Then create one with Bento boxes. Maybe add a third version with a winking Buddha biting into a salmon roll.

When you allow your imagination to take hold, you let yourself be unique.

Once you’re working with a real product, you can also let this process be a way to discover creative hashtags for Instagram.


Other Ways to Discover Your Product’s Uniqueness

Consider asking yourself a couple of questions about your own life to find an unusual angle or detail to include in the design of your offering.

Besides the USA, what culture do you genuinely connect with either because of relatives or a language you speak or heard spoken at home?

Can highlight another culture you have positive feelings about help distinguish your offer and identify a niche audience?


Is there another career you’ve always wanted to try? Whether it’s your rock star fantasy or a desire to be a child psychologist, what essential quality do you like most about it that can you fold into your product or service?

Remember to Have Fun

As part of your strategy, identifying what makes you unique will also help you find the perfect hashtag as a creative entrepreneur. Keep it light and fun to let your creativity flow, and prepare to be successful!

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