Improve Your Instagram Posts with These 8 Awesome Tips

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Improve Your Instagram Posts with These 8 Awesome Tips

Social | Jun 15, 2020

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Instagram is the world’s favorite photo and video-sharing social networking service. It’s a fun, interactive platform where users share their experiences with friends, family, and fans.

Many brands and social media influencers use Instagram to promote products, services, and engage with their followers.

Whether you’re an influencer or a marketer, maintaining a design aesthetic is essential because it keeps your brand recognizable, memorable, and on point.

Find your filters

Don’t overuse filters, and by overuse, we mean using several filters for your images and videos. Be consistent and pick a filter that fits your brand’s aesthetic. Instagram provides several gorgeous filters to choose from.

lavender tree in edit edit trying out filters

But if you want to diversify your filters, try using some of your camera’s built-in filters or download VSCO. This photo-sharing app lets you use its preset filters and editing tools. You can share your VSCO image straight to your Instagram feed or stories, and other social networking platforms.

Find the font that fits you

By now, you might have a sense that the key to beautiful images on Instagram is consistency. This consistency also must be reflected in your typography. It doesn’t have to be sophisticated, but your typography must reflect your brand’s culture and values.

Stick to your brand colors

You want your name to be memorable? Find a color palette that matches your brand and stick with it. Having a consistent color scheme creates a pleasant Instagram feed.

Need inspiration? Take a look at Tiffany & Co.’s Instagram. Their simple, yet vibrant feed shows you the way on how they integrate their color to their posts. It’s classy, chic, and sophisticated.

Tiffany & Co Instagram page

image via Tiffany & Co.

Adobe Photoshop Express lets you create brand color palettes, which makes developing a consistent color scheme a lot easier.

Try a color-blocked theme

Once in a while, shake things up with a color-blocked grid. When you have new products to launch, think outside your brand colors.

First, your new line pops out on your feed and gets noticed quickly. Second, it breaks the monotonous scheme of sticking to your brand colors. To make it look seamless, gradually transition your colors from one post to the next. Check out Desenio’s Instagram feed. It’s simply the best example to show you how a color-blocked theme can help your brand’s aesthetic.

blue aesthetic on Instagram

image via Desenio

Incorporate your logo

Now and then, incorporate your brand’s logo into the image you’re posting. Try not to brand your posts too much. Users already know that they are looking at your Instagram post. Look at how Wendy’s integrates their logo into their post.

Wendy's Instagram posts

image via Wendy's

The critical thing to remember is to ensure your logo appears strategically.

Use branded templates

If you post inspirational quotes once in a while to spice up your feed, try using a branded template. Not only do you stay on brand, but you also make it easier for you and your team to create or edit a post.

sample template for unified sale campaign

For this task, Canva is the program for you. They provide hundreds of free templates to choose from. Its drag and drop feature makes it easy for the users to customize their designs.

Try a collage or carousel post

Remember the collage you made when you were young? Don’t be shy about that! Collages are still a thing, and it’s even better in the digital age. Express yourself by creating a collage on Adobe Photoshop Express or download Instagram Layout.

Do you have a beautiful panoramic shot of the sunset from the last time you were at the beach? Share it with your followers as a carousel post using Unsquared. This app helps you post your panoramic shots in full size.

Make a great video thumbnail

Posting videos on Instagram is a fantastic way to show your followers your creativity. The trick, however, is to wow them with your thumbnail image.

A pitch-black thumbnail image or a random image is not enticing anyone to watch your video. Take time to create thumbnail images that fit your brand.

Need help?

Staying consistent on your Instagram posts can be difficult even with easy to use design apps, especially when you’re running your own business. From creating and designing social content to web development and paid ads, we can help lift the weight off your shoulders. Let’s talk!

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