Why You Need to Monitor Your Online Reputation

Why You Need to Monitor Your Online Reputation

Sales | Dec 28, 2020

You wake up one morning to non-stop text messages. You swipe open your phone and see friends, family, and colleagues telling you, you’re, or your small business is trending.

Of course, you wouldn’t know this because you don’t monitor your online reputation. That’s why it’s crucial to stay on top of your online reviews, whether they are good or bad.

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Why are online reviews important?

Your company is your pride and joy, and it’s essential to know what your customers think about your products and campaigns. It’s a way to improve your brand’s position not only in your industry but on social media and the internet.

In a 2019 report, 90% of consumers used the internet to find a local business. This is an incredible statistic to encourage small businesses to monitor their internet activities.

The feedback you read, positive or negative, is crucial to get information about your business. You get to know what consumers like or dislike about your business. You’ll often read suggestions on how to improve your products.

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Online reviews impact your business’ success

Consumers rely on the internet for many things, especially when it comes to shopping. They read online testimonials and product ratings. All these things can impact your brand’s ability to get seen and be one of the top choices.

  • People read product reviews to guide their choices. Many consumers trust online reviews because they are written by real people (for the most part) who have used a product or service. Businesses with bad ratings are avoided by people.
  • Google uses your online reviews to rate you. The more positive reviews your brand has, the better your rating will be.
  • Reviews shape consumer trust around your brand. Recent online reviews are more effective than older reviews when it comes to creating brand trust.

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Tools to help monitor your online reputation

You can monitor your online reputation by checking social media platforms and websites like Yelp and Google My Business. You can go on these sites every day to monitor and respond to reviews and ratings, but that can be a little tedious.

Here are some of the best and free tools for you.

Google Alerts

Alerts monitor the internet activity for anything you can think of. Create an alert for your small business, and you’ll receive email notifications when Google Alerts finds a new mention.

Social Mention

Social media is an intergalactic universe, but Social Mention can help you navigate through it. As a “real-time social media search and analysis,” it’s as simple to use as Google Alerts. Listen to what people are saying about you on social media.

Do you monitor your online reputation? What’s your favorite tool?

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