How Mobile Devices Are Transforming the Digital Workspace

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How Mobile Devices Are Transforming the Digital Workspace

Industry | Apr 03, 2021

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Even with the number of technological advancements present within today’s market, mobile devices and technology still continue to transform and revolutionize the digital workspace.

Nowadays, employees expect to have access to their work at any time, something that was considered a “luxury” or “extra” just years ago. Whether it be from home, an airport or coffee shop, workers are increasingly relying on mobile devices for their jobs.

Image of worker using their mobile phone

Brands that fail to meet these new demands from their employees often encounter negative consequences, like being unsuccessful in attracting top-tier talent. That’s why it’s important for businesses to consider welcoming a digital workspace into their strategy.

What is the digital workspace?

The digital workspace is not a technology, contrary to what many might think. Instead, it’s a strategy that deliberately encompasses a multitude of several different types of technology, almost like a sort of hub.

Image of digital workspace cloud

Some of those technologies could include: 

  • Mobile devices
  • Cloud applications 
  • Identity and access management
  • Virtualization
  • Collaboration tools
  • And of course much more!

To build truly the best digital workspace for your business, it’s important to remember that it’s not all about the technology you’re bringing to the table. You must engage in a thoughtful planning process in order to determine what goals are most prominent and how you plan on reaching them.

What are two key features of the digital workspace?

The understanding of the digital workplace varies among organizations. But it does includes two basic elements:

  • Technologies that enable a person-centered approach implementation — which allows people to communicate and interact in a common virtual digital office space.
  • Management — which includes access rights differentiation, multi-factor authentication and user activity tracking.

The impact of mobile devices on companies

Many companies have already developed well-designed mobile technologies for their businesses, seeing the benefits of the digital workspace for their customers and capitalizing off of it.

Walgreens was one of the first to adopt a mobile-first mindset for their company, creating a customer-centric strategy that focused on increasing in-store shopping and consumer retention rates with online prescription refills and exclusive coupons.

Image of Walgreens app

Image via VentureBeat

Popular Swedish furniture retail giant Ikea launched it’s augmented reality mobile application in 2017, which allows users to digitally see how furniture would look in their space, and is now used by over 2 million people.

Having a digital workspace allows these companies to track their customers’ data, shopping trends and reviews all in one place, and all from the hand of just one employee — improving and prioritizing the customer user-experience.

Even highly-classified organizations like the Defense Information Systems Agency, have adopted WiFi and mobile solutions, creating hundreds of access points in nonclassified spaces with the aim to increase productivity and collaboration between the Defense Department’s employees.

What are the benefits of a digital workspace

When created successfully, the digital workspace gives priority to the customer user experience, with its tools instantly transforming the way workers go about doing their job.

See below what advantages the digital workspace brings to today's enterprises:

  • Quick adaptability to the market — A digital workspace strategy allows brands to easily adapt to meet ever-changing consumer demands.
  • Better productivity — It’s no secret that mobile apps encourage better productivity. In fact, 39% of companies say mobile technologies provide the single greatest benefit: efficiency.
  • Improved customer experience — The customer experience can be improved in many ways with a digital workspace, but one of the greatest impacts is when consumers directly use digital workspace solutions during their interactions with a brand.
Image of customer/employee interaction
  • Satisfied employees — Employee engagement is critical to a business's success. Practical IT tools are fundamental to keeping employees engaged, especially younger generations of workers, who are now in the majority of the workforce.
  • Enhanced security — Security concerns are one of the top reasons why businesses opt out of mobile advancements, but a well-developed digital workspace takes this into consideration and securely protects all information that must be privately stored.

Want to transform your business to include a digital workspace? Our talented marketing experts will help you create a strategy to design one. Let’s talk!


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