Our Creative Process

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Our Creative Process

Industry | Aug 11, 2019

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Whether it’s designing brands from scratch or reinventing a brand image, we make sure to push the boundaries of content creation while enjoying the whole process.

It’s like planting a fruit tree. If you want a tree to produce healthy fruits, you need to cultivate it. You factor in the kind of soil, the amount of sunlight, what fertilizers to use, and other elements. Yes, it takes time and effort to grow a fruit tree. 

Even in 2019 nothing is served on a silver platter. We constantly remind ourselves that creativity doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a mixture of research and communication sprinkled with fun activities. Once we spark our creativity, our team has one of the most exciting and engaging processes. 

At ULS, we walk the extra mile to make sure our client’s voice is heard and their opinions valued every step of the way. But behind all the glitz and glamour of our creative process is the world of data gathering and analysis. Before diving into design and content creation, we work on collecting and converting these metrics into useful tools to improve our client’s brand.

Without further ado, here’s how a snippet of our creative process.

What we look at

Every project we work on begins behind our desks and in front of our computers. It’s all about the research. When developing plans, our research typically includes:

  • Search and keyword analysis
  • Media consumption habits
  • Attitudinal data
  • The competition
  • Shopping behavior
  • User-generated content and ratings and reviews

Keeping these in mind helps us focus our goals on strengthening and boosting our client’s online presence. Knowing industry-specific keywords is an important piece of creating successful brands. At the same time, looking into our client’s consumers’ psyche and its competition, media consumption habits, shopping behavior, and looking at user-generated content help us shape our creative process.

Steps to success

The road to having happy clients is one that is paved with our 5 steps to success – suspects, prospects, subscribers, customers, promoters. Every step along the way, our goal is to attract, convert, extend, and delight our clients’ consumers. To achieve these steps and goals, we tap into our keyword research, connect with influencers, utilize pay-per-click and social media ads, and create engaging email campaigns and content marketing.

360 profile of potential customers

To further build an effective marketing strategy, we create a profile of potential customers. This is a giant help for us. Developing a persona helps us create a more relatable content because we have a unified, albeit general, understanding of potential customers. When creating a profile, look into these:

  • Demographics
  • Lifestyle
  • Media usage
  • Shopping preferences
  • Potential rental needs
  • Values

What’s your team’s creative process?

For a more in-depth look into our creative process, check out our infographic below.

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