How ULS Digital Marketing Packages Can Help Grow Your Business

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How ULS Digital Marketing Packages Can Help Grow Your Business

Brand | Oct 06, 2022

Small businesses can be under 500 employees, entrepreneurial startups with a skeleton crew or solopreneurs relieved to finally hire an intern. Regardless of what stage you’re at, possibly the best use of your time is working in your business - serving clients, strengthening relationships, and developing products - not on your business - think admin, catching up, promoting, and putting out fires.

The Current Reality for Many Small and Micro Businesses

76% of small business owners say they have marketing challenges. Why? Marketing requires strategic, specialized knowledge. If you’re occupied with empire-building, selling what you offer, and keeping clients happy, you may not be able to stay on top of the rapidly shifting digital marketing landscape.

The tendency for newer business owners is to wear all the hats all the time - create a service you’re excited about, post on social media, respond to every emergency, network, get on discovery calls, walk the dog, scream at the television, compose yourself and write a proposal, write an Instagram ad, update your website, try to learn SEO, deliver your product with a smile in your heart, and consistently write promotional blogs. Then you pass out.

Let us help you with a marketing package.

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What Is a Marketing Package?

A marketing package is a specialized set of tools we offer that meet you where you are, not only in terms of the size of your business and how you want to grow but in terms of the assets you have or don’t have.

A digital marketing package is fully customizable. We can help you grow by evaluating your existing assets, like a logo or written content, and adding taglines and an ad strategy. Or we can create all that from scratch in our ULS Start-Up Package.

How Visible Are You?

Using SEO (search engine optimization) to get your website to rank higher on Google will boost your visibility, increase sales, and establish your credibility as a business. We can do a website audit, optimize seven pages, review your copy, do competition analysis and offer other on-page and off-page optimization. The ULS SEO Packages are also available as monthly support.

Posting on Social Media Is Almost a Full-Time Job

Especially to promote a business. And these days, it’s a non-negotiable staple of marketing.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time feeling delighted that you were able to reach the customers who understand you?

When you use one of our Social Media Packages, we can manage all your social accounts. We’d post between three and seven times a week, craft a social media content calendar, plan, research, and monitor social media platforms.

Other marketing packages that we offer for small businesses are White Label Packages, which are more detailed and advanced.

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Take a Little Cruise

Have a look around at our digital marketing packages. Let us help you blossom.

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