Importance of Buyer’s Journey and Tips for a Unique Strategy

Importance of Buyer’s Journey and Tips for a Unique Strategy

Sales | Jan 06, 2021

Like email marketing funnels that includes crucial steps to maintain effectiveness, a unique strategy makes a brand’s campaign effective.

It starts by understanding your buyer’s journey.

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We mention email marketing funnel because, like its cycle of engagement, discovery, purchase, and retention, buyers undergo a similar progression. The buyer’s journey, according to Vendasta, consists of four steps – awareness, consideration, decision, and loyalty.

What is the buyer’s journey?

People don’t just wake up one morning and decide to walk into H&M and purchase the hottest styles. Marketers now know that consumers go through a process that’s called “the buyer’s journey.” The buyer’s journey is the guide that lets you understand your consumers’ evolution.

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Why is understanding the buyer’s journey important?

The digital age has spawned a new way for shoppers to discover products or services. Gone are the days when we’d have to go to a store and speak with staff or salespeople.

Consumers search online and read reviews for products, services, or brands before making a purchase at a store or website. When big or small businesses understand their buyer’s journey, they can create more relatable marketing content.

You can develop content that resonates with the steps - awareness, consideration, decision, and loyalty.

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Key tips to make sure you’re engaging in your buyers’ journey

Sustain your consumers’ development

Build a lasting relationship with your shoppers. It doesn’t stop with them after buying a shirt.

To maintain consumers on a consistent level, you need to retain them by providing excellent customer service, suggesting other products that’s related to their previous purchase, thanking them for shopping at your store, and asking them how you can improve your brand.

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Learn what triggers your consumers

Don’t be shy to ask your customers. When you value your consumers and their opinions, they will more than likely keep on buying from you. So, engage your most important patrons. Find out the best time to connect with them.

Act local, but think big business

Even though you’re a small business, it’s time for you to start thinking like a big business. Big businesses rely heavily on data to engage with consumers and develop products and services.

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Understanding and using your data is still information you can trust because it’s based on concrete evidence and not a light-bulb revelation that came out of nowhere.

Engage in social media

Be where your target audience is. If you want to engage consumers, having Instagram and Facebook profiles is a must. Social media helps you connect with current customers while attracting new ones.

There are other social media platforms out there like LinkedIn or TikTok. Being on social media also help improve your search results.

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Creating your buyer’s journey is crucial for growing your engagement, reach, and improving your consumers’ loyalty. You’ll have a better understanding of where your business needs to be. It’ll also serve as your team’s guide when forming a marketing strategy.

Need a roadmap or content strategy to your buyer’s journey? Send us a message, and let our team help you grow.

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