Old School Live Marketing Vs New School Live Stream Marketing

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Old School Live Marketing Vs New School Live Stream Marketing

Trends | Jan 16, 2022

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If you’ve ever wondered what the heck live stream marketing is, we’re here to help! Hint: it’s not the same as live marketing.


Though it’s easy to get the two confused, keep reading.

There are significant differences between them and depending on what market or industry you’re in, if you want to run your business successfully, you really want to be well-versed in both.


Old School Live Marketing

The term live marketing is conventionally defined as a live experience or interaction between a brand or company and the consumer.

Essentially, it’s building memorable experiences with your customers so that your company stays top of mind for any future investments they may want to make in your products or services.

The main purpose of using live marketing is to increase the awareness of your brand and increase your exposure.


It’s also used to test out new products and get customer reactions to those products in real-time.

Live marketing is a tried and tested tool that boosts the company and consumer relationship and helps generate leads for your brand.

Although this tactic does not fall under the ‘traditional’ marketing umbrella, it can still be effective and helpful in certain situations and markets.


New School Live Stream Marketing

In comparison, new school live stream marketing refers to using live videos to interact with your consumers or audience.

Live streaming is video media that is recorded and transmitted at the same time.

Live streaming means your audience is exposed to your content at the same time it is being produced, which adds an element of authenticity.

Live streaming is increasingly being used by brands and companies to interact with their audience on social media and increase brand engagement.

You can create a special event to be live streamed, or you can use live streaming on the fly to increase the viewership of an event happening in real time. Live streaming helps you reach more people in your audience.


Live stream marketing works especially well for product launches. You can share about all the work that goes into the design and creation of that product and increase the trust of your customers in your offerings.

Some studies claim that 90% of consumers get a confidence boost in a brand after video interactions. This shows just how powerful live stream marketing can be.

Some possible ways of using live stream marketing:

  • To announce new services or products
  • To discuss how to improve your brand with your audience
  • To do a Q&A session.

Which is Best: Live Marketing or Live Streaming?

Though old school proponents will always say face-to-face live marketing is gold––and we don’t disagree––there’s something to be said for new and cutting edge.

Technology is constantly changing and evolving and younger audiences are gravitating more and more toward digital marketing tactics.

Given this trend, though one may not be better than the other per se, there’s no doubt that live stream marketing is on the rise. The only question is will your brand rise to meet it?

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