6 Signs Your Ecommerce Website is Outdated

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6 Signs Your Ecommerce Website is Outdated

Industry | Jan 13, 2022

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In our current digital era, things move and change so fast, it can be hard to keep up. Especially in the eCommerce space!

You might have the snazziest website ever made in one month, and 7 months later, it’s a dinosaur when compared to the competition.


Do You Need a Website Revamp?

There are several warning signs to look for when deciding if you need an ecommerce website redesign.

Loads Slowly

If your website takes longer than a few seconds to load, that’s a warning sign that your ecommerce website is outdated and could use a spruce up.

No one has the time––or inclination––to wait around for a webpage to load. Most folks would probably give up on your website altogether if the webpages don’t load fast enough.

You can assess the speed of your website using speed tester tools and go from there.


Has a High Bounce Rate

Using tools such as Google Analytics, you can view the traffic and bounce rate of your website. Bounce rates give you the percentage of people who only visit a single page on your website.

If a person doesn’t like what they see on that page, they probably won’t bother checking out the other pages on your site, either. If you notice a high bounce rate, it’s time to utilize website redesign services.


Not SEO friendly

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO essentially ensures that your website shows up higher up in the results lists when someone searches a particular keyword in Google or some other search engine.

To make sure your website and brand gets the visibility and credit it deserves, SEO content is necessary.
The online space is crowded, so if your ecommerce website is not SEO friendly, your business could suffer.


Not Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, most people visit a website using their smartphone device. So, if your website design isn’t suitable for small mobile screens, your content will look out of place and confusing. 

Revamp your website with a responsive design to achieve a dynamic layout that works for both computer and mobile screens and your visitors will be significantly happier.

Contains Dead Links

Dead links, as the name suggests, are links that don’t work. Also called broken links, they appear like normal links but don’t take the user to the content they want to see. 

Instead, it takes them to a 404 error page. After seeing this error, most people end up leaving the website. 

So, if you have this issue with your ecommerce website, you really need to think about a website redesign and getting help repairing those broken links.


Contains Out-of-Date Content

By regularly updating your website with fresh content you help ensure your website keeps showing up in the search results and gains maximum exposure. 

According to statistics, websites that add around 16 pages per month see a significant increase in traffic when compared with other sites that don’t add new content as frequently.


Is an Ecommerce Website Redesign in Your Future?

Only you can answer this question! If your website suffers from any of the things we’ve just mentioned, we strongly recommend you at least get a professional assessment of your website, and go from there. Reach out to one of our experts if you need help!

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