Our Top 3 Branded Social Media Examples

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Our Top 3 Branded Social Media Examples

Social | Feb 11, 2023

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A social media presence is a key aspect of digital marketing today. However, social media should always be part of a larger strategy and not the sole thing you rely on to market your business. When wrapped up in a larger business strategy, there are many advantages of social media marketing. Below are a few well-known brands that have truly leveraged social media with spectacular results.

#1. TikTok 

If you haven’t heard of TikTok, you might be living beneath a rock. TikTok has dominated the social media world for quite some time now, with no signs of slowing down. In fact, other platforms are even changing to offer similar features. However, this wasn’t always the case, especially when they first started out. 

Their Re: Make campaign is what really brought TikTok into the limelight with big brands and consequently, their consumers. Through the Re: Make campaign, TikTok asked its users to recreate the most memorable advertisement they’d ever seen. This gave users the opportunity to bring something they loved back to life. 

This genius idea not only increased user engagement and audience exposure but also flooded the app with tons of user-generated content. This clever campaign gave TikTok tons of momentum, and it’s been on a quest to become the biggest and most widely used social media platform ever since.

#2. Starbucks

Starbucks, affectionately dubbed Starbies by many, is a leading coffee brand no matter where you are in the world, with a strong social media presence. Whether you love coffee or not, putting up a picture with their iconic logo cup is almost a rite of passage for any social media user. They lure people in through social media, sometimes offering new drink combinations, or simply letting videos of their delicious coffee do all the talking. 

However, in Shanghai, they went one step further and offered their customers an augmented reality experience through an app. You can then venture through the store as if in a game, pointing your phone at the various features to get information. After your order is placed, you receive a custom social media filter you can share. Using this social media strategy brought a younger crowd to their following, if not for the coffee, then for the social media filter and social street cred.

social media on a phone screen

#3. Nike

Does Nike even need an introduction? Nike has been famous long before social media became a household thing; however, it’s a brand that’s still dominating, likely because of its strong social media presence

Also, possibly the G.O.A.T. of influencer marketing, Nike harnesses the power of celebrities and global personalities to promote their products, including sportsmen, models, actors, and other well-known faces. 

However, something noteworthy is they also keep an eye on real-life events and create trends and content inspired by them; the #Breaking2 hashtag, referring to the athletes who ran a 2-hour marathon, or the #makersofthegame hashtag inspired by Kobe Bryant, just two of many examples of Nike using real-life events to increase audience engagement on their social media platforms.

Want to Level Up Your Social Media Marketing?

There’s no doubt that a social media presence for a business is necessary. However, take notes from the brands who are doing it phenomenally well, and model your strategies after theirs. By emulating successful brands, you can avoid some embarrassing digital marketing mistakes!

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