Predicting UI Website Trends for 2022

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Predicting UI Website Trends for 2022

Trends | Sep 30, 2021

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UI trends go hand in hand with all major elements of your website. The future of websites is quite bright, and if you aren’t leveraging these service design trends, you’ll be missing out on major marketshare and revenue.

In today’s already technology-heavy world, it can be difficult to determine which technologies will dominate in 2022. Not to worry! UI trends dictate the future of websites because users interfacing with your website is how customers get to know your brand. Notice how well your website aligns with these trends to see if your brand on track for a solid 2022.

UI Trends for 2022

Mobile Makes More Waves

Mobile traffic is only going up both in the US and worldwide. In fact, over half of all internet traffic starts on a mobile device. If you haven’t already gotten on board with a mobile-friendly design, you’re missing half of your potential market! While mobile design has been around, this trend is here to stay and only increasing in importance as time goes on. It’s never too late to jump on the mobile design bandwagon, and tailoring your website to mobile devices can help structure your website in a more user-friendly manner by eliminating extra steps to key information to sway audiences.

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Loud and Proud Messaging

Once you’ve managed to capture audience attention, getting your message across quickly and efficiently is key. Luckily, taking advantage of being bold with your messaging and design will be very much on trend in 2022. In fact, you’ve got 50 milliseconds before your audience makes up its mind about your brand. The best way to keep them engaged once they’ve found you is clear, captivating, and compelling displays of how your brand solves pain points and problems for customers. This does NOT mean to use peculiar or clashing colors to attract attention, as this will cause the opposite reaction. Wasting valuable webpage real estate should be remedied before 2022 to stay ahead of UI trends with clarity being the leading goal.

Less is More

The internet is an extremely busy place. Over the last 30 years, the number of websites has grown from a measly 15,000 websites online to 1.86 billion sites as of June 2021. That’s an obscene amount of competition to outrank on the web’s most visited site in 2021 (hint: it’s Google). That being said, to both accommodate mobile users and to help your message have ultimate impact, adopting a minimalist user interface is an ideal trend to adopt.

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Embrace the Dark Side (of the Interface)

Given that so much traffic takes place on mobile devices and that 81.9% of users use the Dark mode interface option on their mobile devices, adapting your site to match the user’s preferences brings your brand in line with UI trends and makes you more relatable to users. A seemingly inane detail can signal to users that you are savvy and care about their preferences. Following mobile website trends like this only works if your goal is to make a high percentage choice. If your brand theme or presence doesn’t align or translate to this trend, simply being aware of the visual context is important to having a sense of customer perception and keeping up with UI trends.

Add Extra Dimension

This may sound counterintuitive to the minimalistic trends, but 3-dimensional designs are coming back in style. Whether this is a resurgence of 90’s nostalgia or simply a nod to our current design capabilities, adding an extra dimension to your designs in a way that doesn’t detract from your sleek, easy-to-read designs can add a level of finesse and visual depth to your design aesthetic. Be careful not to lean into this trend to the point of creating longer site load times, as page load speeds are a key determining factor of users being willing and able to navigate your site.

The Secret to Staying Ahead of Trends?

Falling behind on UI trends is unfortunately easy when running your own business. Luckily, the experts here at ULS can keep an eye on these while designing your website, optimizing search engine rankings, managing social media, and much more! See what our experts can do to level up your business with service design trends interwoven into every aspect of your online presence. Reach out to our team now for a free consultation!

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