Your Segmentation Study Guide to Boosting ROI

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Your Segmentation Study Guide to Boosting ROI

Industry | Sep 27, 2021

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Leads and conversions are not all created equal. In fact, integrating a lead segmentation strategy into your marketing plan can ramp up ad campaign effectiveness and increase sales while creating a better experience for your customers.

What is lead segmentation? Get all the help you need with our quick and easy guide.


Traffic and leads are the driving force of marketing efforts, but without leveraging that data to inform your campaigns and outreach, your conversion stats will remain stagnant. Customer segmentation models can help give you insight to your audience and devise relatable marketing collateral to create an impact on viewers. Audience impression dictates brand awareness, so move ahead of the competition with our lead segmentation guide!

Boost Your ROI With Lead Segmentation

Audiences are a complex mix of viewers that can benefit from your product, service, or brand. Trying to find the perfect “one-size-fits-all” approach to please everyone will end up leaving all audience members feeling the disconnect of distant, general outreach. Lead segmentation is all about understanding the different demographics that make your audience uniquely drawn to your brand. Customer segmentation models can help you determine the best ways to add a personal touch to your marketing that creates conversions.

Lead Segmentation Means Getting Personal

Personalizing your approach to customers is vital. In fact, a personalized approach has shifted from perk to necessity for today’s audiences. Emails without personalization easily go unopened. Instead of worrying about finding the best general ideas about your brand, consider the groups of people who already love your brand and what they love about it. Connect on a personal level in the same way that nostalgia bonds people of the same generation. Trust that you already speak their language by having them in your audience and devise different tactics in response.

Leverage Your CRM Software Data

No matter the size of your current audience, if you have a solid Customer Retention Management software, you have all of the data you need to determine what percentages of your audience deserve priority focus and which marketing strategies can be workshopped as your audience grows. Determining the best way to create lead segmentation could be a few clicks to a report away with your CRM.


Lead Segmentation Takes “Audience” to “Individual”

A major hallmark of a lead segmentation strategy is returning to the interpersonal, 1 on 1 connection with audience members. Remembering that behind every sales transaction is a person trying to solve a need can help you tap into the relatable elements of your brand. Consider the behavior, moods, and attitudes that accompany the problems your brand’s product or service solves. By allowing your strategy to shift in tone, voice, and impression based on this data, viewers will feel “seen” by your brand, prompting them to buy. Each lead segmentation grouping will have different motivations for needing your brand, so shifting alongside those motives shows your brand is adaptable yet relevant to solving their problem.

Think of Your Marketing as an Experiment

Lead segmentation means different audiences get different content. This is also a great way to test out multiple approaches simultaneously without keeping too many proverbial eggs in one basket. Instead of going all out with generic messaging, splitting up your efforts even within groups of the same demographic can help you test what works and what doesn’t in live time. By doing this, you end up being better equipped to encounter more of an audience within those demos with deeper, more personalized impact!

Lead Segmentation Means Mastering Timing and Placement of Ads

One of the simplest yet often overlooked aspects of a customer segmentation models is meeting audiences where they are. Posting the “right” thing for each audience segment only works if the audience is active and available to see it. Market segments of people go on different social media platforms at different times of the day, so you need to tailor your approach not only to their content preferences but to their ideal outreach channels as well.

Algorithms Are Your Friend

Social media, in particular, has grown from users having one profile to users having several accounts across the web landscape. Keeping the tone of the social media outlet in mind while timing your posts for peak visibility is a great way not only to capture attention of your audience but to expand your reach when they share your engaging, personalized content. Study each site alongside the behavior of your audience on the platforms for maximum success with lead segmentation.

What’s Next?

Figuring out the easiest way to split your focus without dividing your attention on your audience can be dizzying, especially when ROI is the chief focus. Instead of worrying about your strategy, trust the experts at ULS! Our team of experts understand lead segmentation and can easily tailor marketing approaches for each that are compelling and unique, just like your brand. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you!

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