The Rebirth of Comics and How it Helps Small Businesses
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The Rebirth of Comics and How it Helps Small Businesses

Social | Nov 07, 2018

We are no strangers to the resurgence superheroes movies. Some performed lackluster, but many others succeeded to the level of the 90s classic, Titanic. The origins of these modern blockbuster hits are comic books.

Whether you're Team DC or Team Marvel, the rebirth of comics is stronger than ever that even small businesses use it as part of their content strategy.

Comics is a platform with a solid way of sending messages and ideas through storytelling to create an impactful connection with their audience. Comics is a visual medium that allows their audience to absorb the information easier because the content is conveyed visually.

Using comics as a marketing tool is an effective medium for small businesses. They are able to communicate their brand's campaign message in a more engaging manner. Even the US military uses this method when producing equipment maintenance guides. Many businesses, big or small, are slowly realizing the benefits of using comics as a medium to engage their clients, and are jumping in on the trend.

The business world is now understanding that comics are effective at conveying their brand's message to a diverse audience because their stories are told through pictures.

Comics, as a content marketing tool, is an advantage for many small businesses looking for new ways to engage their clients.

Here's a list we've prepared for you on why comics can be a trailblazing medium for your brand:

Catch Attention

In a highly competitive industry, presenting a campaign as unique as comics will grab your targeted audiences' attention.

Promote Unique Product

Creating a story around your campaign or product your audience can relate to develops a human connection, which, in turn, builds a stronger emotional connection.

Publish Faster

If you're a small business, a campaign that takes months to produce means money not well spent. Comics allow you to create content for your brand at a faster pace. 

Perfect for Social Media

Like social media, comics are easily consumed. They also load up faster than videos and does not require higher bandwidth.

Cost-Effective Strategy

Money is everything, especially for small businesses. With comics, you can create more stories for your brand in a much budget-friendly manner.

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