7 Signs of Bad Branding

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7 Signs of Bad Branding

Brand | Feb 07, 2023

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Branding is everything from design to customer experience and mission. All of these elements need to be consistent, calculated, and strategic to reach your ideal customer and land the sale.

Why Your Branding Should Be Airtight

Your business’ branding is its face, personality, and way of connecting with potential customers. Poor branding can dilute or negate your marketing efforts, or even make or break a sale.

Poor Design

Poor design, visual or otherwise, can affect how customers feel about your business.

Logos and Visual Branding

Your logo and supporting visual elements such as brand colors make up your brand’s appearance and first impressions. Details as simple as using a serif vs san serif font, or choosing a particular color, can cause leads to make judgments about your brand.

Website Design

Your visual branding could be top-notch, but does it fit within your website? Are the colors, fonts, and images working well together to send the right message? All of these details matter.

How to Fix It

Hire a professional brand identity team to make sure your logo and other visual design elements portray the right message and work well with your website design.

two designers work on a brand color palette

Poor User Experience

Just like a poorly designed website can turn off potential customers, so can customer interactions in all areas of business.

Brand Voice Inconsistency

Customers are looking to buy from a trustworthy, reliable, and consistent brand. If your messaging on different platforms is inconsistent or your mission statement is unclear, this can be a red flag for potential customers.

Website UX/UI

If your website is outdated, difficult to navigate, or leaves customers frustrated finding what they’re looking for, there’s a good chance they will click away to another site—your competitor’s.

Inconsistent Customer Support

Long wait times for customer service, lack of automated support options (or options that are too automated), or inconsistent quality of support between customer service agents can frustrate customers.

How to Fix It

Everything comes down to your brand’s messaging and customer experience. Focus your efforts where it matters and make sure there is consistency across all channels.

marketers work on a brand identity, message, values, and other brand assets

Poor Strategy

Work smarter, not harder! Planning, strategizing, and having a razor-sharp focus will allow you to reach the right customers.

No Niche

The most successful businesses have a niche, a category, or something special about the offerings that set them apart from the others. The trick is niching down enough to be unique, but not too much that your audience is too small.

Too Much (or Not Enough) Segmentation

Are your ads being served and your emails being sent to too narrow (or too broad) of an audience? Make sure you are targeting your audience carefully, so they receive the right messaging.

How to Fix It

Do thorough market research and determine your ideal customer’s qualities, demographics, interests, and spending habits and make sure your marketing and communications align with this.

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