10 Ways to Double Your Online Traffic

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10 Ways to Double Your Online Traffic

Trends | Nov 03, 2021

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Know you’ve got a great product or service but struggling to attract audiences? Boosting local web traffic sounds like a daunting task.

Use these 10 tips to double website traffic and have leads pouring in! We’ll also delve into why organic traffic is important and how your web traffic growth signals the growth of your business and brand!

Internet traffic worldwide is on the rise. Increasing local web traffic is key to gaining and maintaining your traction with audiences. These 10 ideas can help you find the best way for your brand to increase business traffic and stand out from the competition.

Why Do I Need to Worry About Local Web Traffic?

Whether you’re looking to increase business traffic or redouble organic traffic, your web traffic growth is the guidepost to better brand awareness, leads, and revenue.

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1. Create quality content

With the internet full of more content than ever that only increases each moment, creating memorable, useful content is crucial to ensure your brand doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Audiences return to and recommend content they find relevant, interesting, and engaging. Increasing the effort placed in content marketing will undoubtedly increase business traffic.

2. Optimize your site for search engines to find you

Web searches are a tool used by billions several times a day and are the easiest way to boost your organic traffic. Why is organic traffic important? The impact you’re making on an audience member that happens to stumble upon your relevant, timely content resonates more with audiences because you were where they were searching and met their need rather than chasing their attention via advertising. The “sales” aspect of your brand is given time to develop naturally instead of feeling like a tactic. That being said…

3. Use tailored, targeted advertising

Advertising isn’t the enemy. Quite the contrary, when non branded organic traffic seems to move to slowly or isn’t aligning with your marketing goals, crafting a personalized, specific advertising strategy is a wonderful way to double website traffic. The key to a successful advertising campaign is combining quality content with proper knowledge of your target audience demographics to ensure your ads are in front of the right people in the right place at the right moment.

4. Educate to innovate

Capitalize (quite literally) on the unquenchable human thirst for knowledge by showcasing your expertise in your content. To increase business traffic, share unique insights about your industry that relate to your brand’s purpose, values, or background to help audiences feel more connected to your content and also make the content super sharable, helping to double website traffic.


5. Get social

While it may seem counter-intuitive to include a tip that isn’t anchored on your website, developing a flourishing social media presence is a great way to double website traffic. By creating a community of interested audiences through social media, you will inspire people to learn more about your brand. The number one place they will look is for a link in your bio or in other sections dedicated to boosting your local web traffic.

6. Integrate influencers

Increase local traffic with an influencer marketing strategy. In today’s marketplace, influencers are more popular than ever, and there seem to be endless combinations of tactics that will all ultimately lead to web traffic growth. Whether you’re looking for millions of views in one post or a curated, personal approach with a micro-influencer, trusting these content creators is an easy way to boost non branded organic traffic that feels natural and like your brand is a logical choice for the influencer’s audience.

7. Bond with related or complementary brands

Especially when working on local web traffic, connecting and building camaraderie with other local, related, or complementary brands is a great way to increase business traffic for all parties! Small businesses thrive on partnerships with others that enhance products and services and encourage audiences to feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves: a community. Not only will you double your website traffic, but you’ll double traffic for related services that make your brand even better!

8. Don’t underestimate the power of emails!

Leverage every audience touchpoint you have by maximizing your email list as a way to reach audiences. Email is still a personal way to connect with your audience in their day-to-day activities. Ensure the content you share prompts audiences to open and engage with your links to double website traffic easily.

9. Blog, blog, blog!

Whether blogging on your own site to boost SEO or blogging as a guest for a backlink from a notable industry resource, blogs double website traffic by giving your brand yet another touchpoint and another resource for audiences to share with one another. Your web traffic growth can continue by making sure your blogs are packed with links back to your own content, keeping audiences invested longer with less effort!

10. Host giveaways, promos, and events!

Acquaint audiences with your products and services directly by hosting engaging, interesting events to draw viewers and traffic. Depending on your industry, there is a lot of room to creatively interact with audiences virtually or in person which will circle back local web traffic. Giveaways in particular create a non branded organic traffic stream, but combining limited-time event situations with advertising and quality content is an irresistible mix of intriguing factors that will spark web traffic growth.

Bonus Tip: Manage Your New Influx of Traffic Wisely!

When using these tips, make sure you have a plan to handle your web traffic growth. If you need help putting these into action, managing the results, or advice on your brand’s next step, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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