3 Ways the Covid-19 Pandemic Changed Digital Advertising Strategies

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3 Ways the Covid-19 Pandemic Changed Digital Advertising Strategies

Trends | Jun 18, 2021

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A few ways that digital advertising has changed over the past few months and what marketers need to know to keep their strategies relevant.

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The pandemic accelerated the novelty and convenience of eCommerce into a newfound necessity that’s here to stay. Even as traditional retail reopens in more regions, eCommerce offers an unmatched 24/7/365 availability from anywhere customers choose.

3 Ways COVID Changed the Game for Digital Marketing

Spike in Social Media Marketing

Optimizing your digital approach is key and can include both ad placement and building a consistent brand message across multiple platforms so customers can find and interact with your brand wherever they already spend time. The increase in social media usage due to the pandemic means online advertising becomes more important to gather and maintain audience engagement. Spending on traditional advertising was already declining and is expected to continue decreasing due to this shift in customer attention. However, over 50% of chief marketing officers have restructured their marketing plans around digital customer interaction and over 60% have reallocated resources to focus solely on digital marketing.

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App-Integrated eCommerce Makes Buying Easy

The ease of use and convenience of eCommerce has already been alluring for customers, but COVID-19 closures, precautions, and restrictions reinforced the value of online shopping exponentially, making it a new way of consumer life. eCommerce migrating from web pages to apps was already in full swing as well, giving customers more buying options. Several social media platforms have merged these two trends to cater to the ever-expanding digitally centered market by becoming a new home base for sales. Facebook has offered a Business component since 2014, Tik Tok has integrated a Shop Now button and other promotional features, Snapchat has acquired FitAnalytics to help users “try on” potential items, and now Instagram is joining the list with affiliate tech upgrades for posts and more Shop options. Leveraging these new elements of social media across multiple platforms gives you more opportunities to offer products and services to clientele. Since these tools are already built into the user’s scrolling experience, social media profiles for your business serve as avenues for purchases with simple taps and swipes without users having to leave your profile. Thanks to these upgrades, having a social media presence opens the doors to new ways to market services and products without much hassle.

The Impact of Being Influenced by Influencers

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Spending more than a year socially distanced from each other drove many social media users to influencers to fill the void of missing interpersonal connection. Integrating influencer marketing into your strategy helps you tap into this new method of advertising your brand in a way that connects you to your customers in a personal way. The market share of influencers has only been trending upward: starting at $1.7 billion in 2016, the market has exploded to $9.7 billion in 2020 with expected growth to $13.8 billion this year. Finding influencers who already fit into the story of your brand is a great way to keep the connection organic and human.

What’s Next?

Make sure your marketing strategy factors in these three components to expand your eCommerce capabilities and maximize your campaign planning. To keep your business flourishing in face of these and the upcoming developments in marketing, turn to our team of experts who can build your brand online. Capitalizing on these trends as they continue to grow is a strategy that will only continue to drive dividends for your business. Don’t waste a moment of this windfall on trial and error; let our team chart the course to growth! Connect with us today!

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