Snapchat Improves on E-Commerce With Fit Analytics Acquisition

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Snapchat Improves on E-Commerce With Fit Analytics Acquisition

Trends | May 11, 2021

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Snapchat's recent acquisition of machine learning apparel platform, FitAnalytics, will open up opportunities for a better e-commerce social media market.

With e-commerce becoming increasingly popular due to circumstances brought about by the pandemic, many companies are beginning to implement online shopping technologies within their services to meet new consumer demands.

American multimedia messaging app company, Snapchat, is just one company that has hopped on the e-commerce bandwagon with its recent acquisition.

Snapchat has already made moves to become more e-commerce friendly by starting to develop the beginning stages of its new virtual try-on tools, along with other innovative features, to make the platform easier for users to discover and buy products in-stream.

Now, the company has taken further steps towards e-commerce innovation by acquiring Fit Analytics, a Berlin-based digital sizing company. The machine learning apparel platform provides technology that helps companies and brands target what products and services accurately reflect their users through customer preference data collection. Let's discuss in greater detail what the FitAnalytics acquisition means for Snapchat.


What is FitAnalytics?

FitAnalytics has already made a name for itself by partnering with big brands like ASOS, The North Face, Calvin Klein and much more.

The merger with Snapchat will aid in helping the platform create more advanced connection technology within its app.


The benefits of partnership with FitAnalytics

For Fit Analytics, the partnership is expected to boost its reputation as an industry leader in apparel and footwear technology, while simultaneously implementing next-gen shopping and offerings for both companies.

Among the offerings, an even more advanced online try-on tool variation could possibly be in the works, as Fit Analytics is in the process of creating a recent system that matches apparel shown in images uploaded by users.

This could possibly coincide with Snapchat’s body-mapping technology, which is currently being used for fashion items used in its augmented reality-based and personalized Bitmoji avatars.

right fit

FitAnalytics virtual try-on tools can lead to real-life purchases

Snapchat is still in the process of developing a whole digital fashion line for Bitmoji avatars, something that could also be used in conjunction with Fit Analytics’ software.

By providing a chance for customers to see a digitized version of themselves, along with the clothing items they’re interested in purchasing, there’s a higher chance that they’ll actually buy those goods in real life.

This is a major deal for Snapchat, as social media commerce has become a hot ticket item many companies have begun to offer.

Snapchat has also been developing innovative strategies to blend the online and real-world together for quite some time now, and having customers wear the same clothes in person as they do on its platform via avatar will no doubt contribute to that. Fit Analytics is a great opportunity for Snapchat to broaden its technology toolkit.

If Snapchat can possibly incorporate its body mapping technology with FitAnalytics’ next-gen shopping tools, there’s a chance that it can cause positive effects, and in turn, make Snapchat an industry leader in curating and initiating fashion trends.

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