5 Brands Getting TikTok Savvy and Creative

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5 Brands Getting TikTok Savvy and Creative

Trends | Mar 13, 2022

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TikTok is growing at lightning speed and many businesses are using it to help grow their brand–-and their bottom line!

Keep reading for a handful of some of our favorite examples of brands who’ve nailed developing a killer TikTok identity.

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Last Crumb

Creativity is a term that is subjective; it means different things to different people. So when talking about brands getting more creative and savvy on TikTok, creativity can be showcased in many different ways.

However, the crux of the matter remains the same; every brand adds their own twist to it. Obviously it’s TikTok, so sharing short video clips is the modus operandi. However, brands that win at using TikTok utilize those clips in different ways.

One brand that adds a unique twist to their videos is Last Crumb. They rarely share videos with a face on their feed, unless it’s an influencer. All other videos are pretty hands and cookie closeups! Not only is this creative, it’s great for branding purposes too. Hey, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles!



When you find your own reserves of creativity seem tapped out, why not gain a little help and inspo from fellow creators?

Active collaborations between relevant influencers and your brand can not only boost your creativity factor, it may also open up new advertisement opportunities and increase brand exposure, depending on the reach of the influencer.

Almost every brand is taking advantage of the influencer-brand collaboration trend, but one that seemed to do it really well is Adidas. They partnered with influencers like Selena Gomez and Iga Wysocka for the #MyNeoShoot campaign.

It resulted in a significant hike in their followers and engagement, along with increased sales, giving Nike a good, old-fashioned stomping!


Guinness Book of World Records

This is a brand that’s gone digital and hasn’t looked back. Even better, they aren’t just on TikTok, they cross-post to their other social media accounts as well.

That’s the beauty of being a content creator. Once you’ve created a piece of content, whether individually or with an influencer, you can re-share your TikTok video on every other social media platform your brand is associated with.

Doing this may help increase the chances of exposure to the video and harnesses the combined might of multiple social platforms.

They must be doing something right, because they may well be one of the most––if not the most––followed brands on TikTok to date!



Although it’s fun to color outside the lines every once in a while, the key to success is consistency. Think of a game plan and some TikTok brand guidelines to direct your strategy and stick to it.

Create and share creative and entertaining content consistently. Choose a theme that matches your brand and its motto.

Be consistent in everything, from the type of content you produce, to the filters you use, to your TikTok logo colors. Stick with one type of video format and excel at it.

A great example of a consistently creative brand on TikTok is the airline Ryanair. They create humorous videos with the same visual effects throughout all of them. While that may seem simplistic, sometimes less really is more!



If you really want to attract customers to your brand and the various products and services you offer, one of the best ways to do it is to give them a glimpse into the process of creating them.

Behind-the-scenes videos are easily some of the most creative, as well as the most creatively easy videos you can make. You don’t need to create special content because you’re utilizing content you already have.

A great example of a brand that uses behind-the-scenes footage to increase audience engagement on TikTok is Marvel.

Marvel uses behind-the-scenes videos to highlight the talented people behind the brand, whether that’s the comic writers who create the characters, or the actors who bring those characters to life. Considering how popular the Marvel brand is world wide, it’s clear they’re killing it with their marketing strategies.


Isn’t TikTok for Kids?

TikTok might have started out as a platform for kids, but it’s fast becoming a marketing behemoth for many brands. Isn’t it time you dipped a toe in too?

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