How to Launch a Niche Influencer Marketing Strategy in 2022

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How to Launch a Niche Influencer Marketing Strategy in 2022

Trends | Jan 10, 2022

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Given the growth in the influencer marketing space, any brand can benefit from a customized niche influencer marketing strategy!

Finding your brand’s niche is key to separating your brand from the competition, but did you know influencers are doing the same thing? Capitalize on the specialization and unique content are what audiences need that influencers are already creating by incorporating influencers of all sizes into your niche influencer marketing strategy.

Launching Your Niche Influencer Marketing Strategy Step By Step!

Influencer marketing can seem like a daunting step because there are so many options for brands to use! We’ve got some steps to consider before diving in so you can make the most of your niche influencer marketing.

1. Understand Your Target Audience.

In the world of the internet, data is a brand’s best friend. Whether your strategy hinges on cookies, pop-ups on your website requesting email addresses, or gathering data from studying reactions to your brand’s social media posts, knowledge is powerful when it comes to defining what your audience wants and how to deliver it. A key to this element of your strategy is housing the information and leveraging it properly to get to know customers and offer them that extra level of personalization.


2. Research Which Platforms Matter Most.

Coupled with understanding the nuance of what your niche audiences will want to see from the information they provide, consider the demographic breakdown of both your current and your target audiences and think about which social media platforms speak the most to each demographic. Statistically, the audience skews older on Facebook and younger on TikTok, as a general example. However, there is a fair amount of TikTok/Instagram crossover, so deciding which influencer(s) to use for your niche can involve figuring out not only what kind of content audiences like but also where they prefer to get it.

3. See Who Your Followers Are Following.

Once you know who you’re trying to reach, get a sense of who is already reaching them. There are plenty of tools available to help you get a sense of bigger influencers to recruit, but if you’re looking for extremely niche and specifically curated content, use this hack to unleash influencer marketing 2.0. Browse who your most actively engaged audience members follow, depending on the platform and privacy settings of your audience’s profiles, for hints on niche influencers that would best impact them.

4. Scope Out Your Niche’s Search Results.

For more intel on influencers to incorporate, look into trending topics that relate to your brand and review the posts that populate that search. Run searches of the keywords you’re already using to boost your SEO and see what content pops up. Study the creators of that content and see if they have created a following based on that content. If their first-glance metrics match your KPIs, you’ve found a potential component of your niche influencer marketing.


5. Launch an Influencer Search.

Since influencers are a relatively new trend that still shows no sign of stopping, there are plenty of approaches to consider when building your niche influencer marketing structure. The common assumption for a brand to catapult to a household-name status involves investing in an influencer with a high follower count. However, the big risk may not have the reward you expected because it’s too general. This is where the beauty of niche influencer marketing really kicks in. Recruiting several micro-influencers for the same big ticket price of one mega-influencer helps cultivate your audience in a realistic, relatable way. In some cases, if the niche is small enough, the content creators may already know each other and can collaborate, or their audiences may overlap. Either way, this slow and steady audience impact will resonate more with audiences over time since there will be multiple impressions instead of a one-and-done post to a few million once.

6. Create an Audience Influencer Program.

If you are already rocking a user-generated content (UGC) strategy, take that to the next level by launching a brand ambassador campaign that turns your audience into influencers! By taking this novel approach, you can set the criteria for audience members to feel like part of your brand while they get exclusive discounts and share your product or service with their friends, families, colleagues, and more! This kind of engagement and interest is the secret ingredient to super successful niche influencer marketing.

Bonus Tip: Use Our Clever Influencer Marketing Agency!

Save yourself the legwork, and let our team find the perfect squad of niche influencers to take your brand to the next level. We already have experience building custom niche influencer marketing strategies for any industry to help get your plan off the ground for 2022! Let this be your year to not only be on trend with your marketing but to be blazing the trail! Contact us for your free consultation!

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