Gaze Into the Future of Social Media Marketing!

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Gaze Into the Future of Social Media Marketing!

Brand | Jan 11, 2022

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How will media change in the future? Check out our blog for the latest predictions!

Social media has shown no signs of stopping since its debut in the early 00’s. In fact, the number of social media users has only continued to increase. With more platforms to choose from than ever, knowing how media will change in the future is all about staying on top of social media changes and trends. Let’s take a look at what is already on the horizon for the future of social media so you can prepare!

Social Media Future Forecast

The social media landscape has grown into a more nuanced and unique shared experience. Mastering the trends of 2022 is an excellent way to ensure your customers are not only receiving the sort of experiences they’ve come to expect from brands but that they share an impactful connection with your brand to their social circles.


Meet Me in the Metaverse

Like it or not, the Metaverse is already here. You may have noticed the name change added in late 2021 to Facebook brands like Instagram and Whatsapp. The next radical step in the future of social media marketing is learning to marketing in the Metaverse. Major brands like Coca Cola and Gucci are setting up shop in the Metaverse to provide users with memorable digital experiences. Since this frontier is still very new and unexplored by many audiences, now is the perfect time to get started with a Metaverse marketing plan.

Strategy Secret #1: Push Start!

The lack of “real-world” connection may lead some marketers to hold off on creating a plan for Metaverse marketing. However, as the pandemic proved, remote and digital interactions for business, commerce, and pleasure alike are all extensions and prime fodder for the Metaverse to gain popularity quickly. Take advantage of the smaller pool of competition, and establish your brand’s future of social media marketing by having a plan at all! Test, study, and improve your tactics while the platform is still gaining momentum so you’re ready for the onslaught of customers once it’s populated with users!

Storytelling Soars

With the influx of constant contact and content, it can be a harrowing task to try and break through to stay on a customer’s radar. The finite human attention span needs to be the new focus of your content. This means in addition to creating a compelling narrative to house your brand’s values, goals, and offerings, the story needs to be delivered in a unique yet succinct way to honor the time you’re taking with customers.


Strategy Secret #2: Connection is Key

While this idea may seem like a heavy investment on the front-end without direct payoff, the structure of pitching and selling products has shifted from creating a splash in the advertising scene and has become more about connecting on a human level with your audience. Being relatable and relevant is what social media is all about. The entire social media experience, whether as an individual or a brand, is all about receiving and interacting with content that touches on a human aspect in a meaningful way. Focus on devoting attention to audience members that interact often with your content, whether it’s replying in the comments, tagging them in Stories, or DMing them just to appreciate them. These micro-moments can make all the difference in making a sale in the future of social media marketing.

Getting Personal is No Longer Optional

The only way to maintain the connection your content makes with audiences is ensuring your social media strategy is packed with personalization. Having your ad appear soon after a user searches and discovers your brand is a great start, but taking personalization to the next level is what will differentiate you from others using the same strategy. By studying demographic info from your ads and comparing it to the demographics of your followers can help you get hyper-specific when comparing that data to that of those who actually make purchases.

social media

Strategy Secret #3: Use Social Media for Customer Service

Compounding on your storytelling from tip 2, think of social media as a sales experience from start to finish. Yes, creating engaging posts is a major component, but remembering people will likely share positive experiences on social media and tag your brand means tailoring your responses accordingly. Dedicate part of your strategy to reposting tagged stories or posts to both get extra user-generated content and build on the relationship built from the minute someone sees your social media.

Bonus Strategy Secret: Choosing ULS!

With trends changing by the minute on social media, it can be hard to stay present, much less forecast the future of social media marketing for your brand. Don’t worry! Our experts study these trends daily to stay ahead, and we’ve even put together a Social Media Bootcamp with everything you need to succeed! We’re also happy to help take your brand to the next level! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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