8 Evergreen Visual Trends

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8 Evergreen Visual Trends

Trends | Jan 07, 2023

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Evergreen content is a piece of content such as an article, video, image, or reference that is relevant year-round and for years to come. While “evergreen trends” may sound like an oxymoron, online content is rarely “set it and forget it”. The way you present your best and brightest content visually and through user experience matters so that it finds the right person at the right time. Our CEO Ally Spinu echoes this sentiment on Instagram in a recent live session all about evergreen content!


It’s important that your evergreen content (and its accompanying visuals) are timeless because that’s the heart of evergreen content, after all! Stick with simple, visually engaging content and tried-and-true information. Avoid seasonal images or anything too trendy.


Part of being timeless is seamlessly adapting as new information, standards, and visual trends pop up. While the overall message of your evergreen content may not change, new research may require changing small details or instructions, or even redesigning your website for modern UX design. Users tend to click away from sites that run slowly, have poor UX, or look out of date, even if the information is top-notch.


In this age of information overload, minimalism provides a breath of fresh air. Minimalism in interior design, digital design, and visual design has been popular for several years. Consider choosing minimal visual designs to keep it simple, make your site run faster, and focus on the content, not the pizazz.

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Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Consumers are holding businesses to higher standards and seeking out products that prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. Studies show that “seventy-seven percent of consumers are motivated to purchase from companies committed to making the world a better place” such as using biodegradable materials, implementing DE&I in their hiring practices, or donating a portion of proceeds. Reflect these policies and practices in your visuals with diversity, representation, and natural and organic materials in your photos.

Relatability & Intuitiveness

Many pieces of evergreen content are informational guides and how-to content because readers are continually searching for answers to a question or a solution to a problem. Make sure the accompanying images are relatable and easy to follow.


Review your content bank and turn your best-performing content into a lead magnet! Make it into an infographic or a printable that your customers will reference over and over, returning to your site for the full scoop.

Need a brand refresh?

We’re here to help review your evergreen content strategy to get the most out of it. Reach out for a consultation today!

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