A Guide to Video Content Analytics: Tools and Metrics

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A Guide to Video Content Analytics: Tools and Metrics

Trends | Dec 02, 2022

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While video content may seem more freeform than written content, there are just as many marketing metrics to follow for video content. Reviewing your video content analytics can help you determine what attributes are successful, and which to leave behind.

The Power of Video Marketing

Video is engaging, authentic, and resonates with consumers because it gives brands a face and a personality. No wonder video content and live streaming have skyrocketed in recent years, especially since 2020. Brands are reaping the rewards as well. Studies show that “marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users” and “64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos”.

Video Content Optimization

Before you create your content, make sure you are setting it up to succeed! Just like written content, the principles of SEO apply. If you are creating video content for your website or social media, make sure the topic is one that’s highly searched, and optimize your titles and captions. If you are creating for another platform like YouTube, there is another set of SEO best practices for optimizing your thumbnails, titles, descriptions, tags, and characteristics like video length and timestamps. The SEO/SEM tool Keysearch has a YouTube keyword tool built in.

Video Content Analytics to Follow

There are many different video content metrics you can track and the ones you prioritize will depend on your goals.

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Views, watch time, followers, and other such impressions are great metrics to follow if you’re looking to grow a following and increase your audience. You can look at all of these factors closer as well to gain more insight into your audience. For example, are viewers watching all the way through your videos or stopping at a certain point? This can help you make decisions about video length and pacing.


Are your videos receiving comments, likes, and shares proportional to the number of views they receive? Are the comments of quality? Your video content should aim to tell a story and start a conversation.


Are viewers fulfilling the intended purpose of the video? Every business and video will have a different purpose from encouraging viewers to click through to a website, share the video, claim a lead magnet, or make a purchase. Always have a CTA in your videos—ask your viewers questions, encourage them to share, or perform an action.

Tools to Use

There is video content analysis software available for all types of businesses. Some are leaner, only showing the basic metrics, while others like Wistia offer video creation tools and hosting, as well as detailed performance data and marketing tools. Cincopa specializes in highly focused data about your audience. A popular tool for YouTube is TubeBuddy, which offers YouTube SEO and after-publishing analytics.

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