Connection – Talk to Clients Like Great Speakers Do

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Connection – Talk to Clients Like Great Speakers Do

Culture | Dec 11, 2021

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What makes a great speaker so deliciously compelling to listen to?

Some shimmer with electricity as they reveal how they triumphed over pain. They energize the room naturally.

You feel so inspired you might subscribe to the speaker’s newsletter, or work with them.

Others speak with a quiet intensity about something culturally significant like climate change in a way that makes you feel ready to contribute. You might make a donation to an environmental non-profit.

What did they do with such skill that got you to take action? If you felt genuinely moved and not pressured, then that speaker found a way to touch your heart.

In a world with too many fakes, differentiate yourself by being real.

Here are two quick ideas.


How to Connect with Customers

Have you noticed that incredible speakers can make you feel special as if they were talking only to you?

One of the rehearsal techniques amazing speakers use is to picture one favorite person there with them.

If you’re considering ramping up your digital marketing, (you can reach out with your ideas for our help), feel how you feel when you talk to that dear friend or loved one. Write as if you were talking directly to them.

Every time someone feels that personal connection from your campaign, you’ve just created a new fan.


Engage Clients with Storytelling

What’s the origin story behind your business? Did you overcome a personal obstacle that might inspire people? Or were you disappointed by what’s already on the market and created a solution out of frustration?

If you designed an elegant alternative, we want to hear about it!

Your homework is to watch a talk by one of your all-time favorite speakers. What made you especially love it? Was it their tone, energy, or a meaningful message that galvanized you into action?

Pick the top quality that made you feel connected, translate it to your business, and incorporate it into your next campaign.


Let Us Cheer You On

We’d love to hear your story, throw a mini parade in your honor, and help you connect with your customers!

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