3 Ways  to Foster a More Diverse Audience

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3 Ways to Foster a More Diverse Audience

Culture | Dec 15, 2021

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Learn tips on communicating with diverse audiences to ensure your content is impactful and inclusive.

Audience diversity is a communication constant that has only increased in scope thanks to the internet. Finding a diversity of audience when running your audience metrics means you’re certainly doing something right, but how can you expand on this trend? Try these 4 tips for reaching your diverse audience.

3 Ways to Foster a More Diverse Audience

In the globalized world that is society today thanks to the internet, it can be easy to overlook what the impact of cultural diversity in your audience means for your brand messaging. All audiences are diverse audiences, but approaching your marketing mindful of this fact will help make your content relevant, meaningful, and most effective.


1. Get to Know Your Audience.

It may sound simple and very human, but understanding your audience is square one to quality connection with your diverse audience. Connecting with your audience on a human level needs to be the underlying goal of any and all communication coming from your brand. Not only is personalization a growing trend in digital communication, but understanding audience diversity is vital to good personalization experiences from your brand.

This is the secret to any good marketing campaign, but taking it a step further and understanding your audience comes from a variety of backgrounds, age demographics, locations, and life experiences can help you create content that is more universally understood and thereby much more likely to be remembered and shared with others.


2. Allow Extra Intel to Spur Creativity.

Once you’ve gathered information, whether directly from polls and surveys or from CRM strategies, Communicating with diverse audiences effectively means considering background differences and not assuming that everyone understands what you say in the same way. While that can seem limiting at first because many cliches or common sayings in one locale don’t translate, integrating personalization tactics to segment your audience and tailor content to them means more room to research what is appealing and interesting to a variety of different demographics and opens up your ability to forge deeper connections directly due to your audience diversity.

Bland, generic content be gone! Allow yourself to explore all the avenues your audience will appreciate by researching and implementing your newfound experiences.


3. Consider How Your Audience Accesses Content.

Understanding audience diversity also means recognizing not all data is accessed in the same way by users. Some prefer audio, other visuals, and still more may rely solely on the text. For example, are your videos and audio content pieces subtitled and/or transcribed? If not, you’re missing out on major chances to help various audiences while also boosting SEO.

Inclusivity should be a consideration in design ideas to broaden the scope of your reach, just as emerging technologies also offer different avenues that cater to all sorts of audience preferences or predispositions.

Text size, colors, and readability are all elements that will influence different age demographics differently for example as well. Some browsers may not support all elements of your content clearly depending on the user’s device or lack of upgrading. With so many factors to consider, you don’t have to meet each point perfectly, but allowing that awareness in can help you create an online presence that understands audience diversity.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Go It Alone!

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