How to Actually Make Your Video Go Viral on Social Media

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How to Actually Make Your Video Go Viral on Social Media

Industry | Jan 22, 2023

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Today, one of the ways marketers measure success is by whether or not they’ve gone viral on social media. Viral videos are one of the most coveted ways to fame: Everyone knows how much global visibility can boost profits, leads, and brand awareness. However, with all the people out there trying to win their position in the spotlight by creating viral video content, how can you nudge your way past the competition? The team at USA Link System is here to discuss video marketing tips so your dream of viral content comes within reach!

Benefits of Video Marketing

Even if your content doesn’t go viral, video marketing is still an excellent tool. It’s more engaging than static content like blogs, and you have more creative freedom at your fingertips. Here are some advantages of video marketing:

  • Videos enhance communication with your target consumers.
  • It is easier to explain in-depth topics through video content.
  • Videos get more social media shares.
  • Professional content skyrockets conversions.
  • You can capture a wider audience with video content.

General Video Marketing Tips

Are you ready to take advantage of video marketing? We’re ready to teach you how to be successful. When creating video content, keep these things in mind:

Use videos to educate your consumers.

Video gives you the chance to go into the details of what your brand stands for and can offer to consumers. You can tell your origin story, showcase client testimonials, and talk in-depth about your products.

Be consistent.

Post regularly and show that you can be depended upon. Also, choose a social media that aligns with your brand voice. (More on choosing a social media platform coming later!)

Enhance your email marketing.

You’ll get more clicks and opens if you use videos in your emails. They’re much more interesting than a mix of text and images, and movement in content is more engaging.

Establish your brand voice and tone.

Video gives you the chance to show the personality of your brand through creative choices in your script, lighting, and color scheme. Is your brand playful, sophisticated, luxurious, or mysterious? Find a way to
communicate that personality to your target audience.

video platform

Tips to Create Viral Videos

Now you know what successful video marketing looks like. You’re prepared
to wow your target audience, get more leads, and boost conversions. Next, you can focus on creating viral video content with these bonus video marketing tips:

Keep your video short.

Because people’s attention spans are growing increasingly shorter, some of the most popular viral videos are only seconds long. Try to use only as much time as you need, and make sure not to add fluff content.

Establish your content’s goal first.

Ask yourself what you want your video to do for your target audience. Are you trying to amuse, inform, and evoke empathy? Only start scripting your video once you are confident you’ve developed a clear goal.

Be relevant.

Keep up with pop culture trends, current events, and breaking news. This will help your audience feel more connected with your content.

Be relatable.

We’re still living in meme culture, and we got here because people love seeing a funny images they can relate to. You’ve probably seen any number of memes marked with phrases like “Me when Monday rolls around” or “When your teacher calls on you and you don’t know the answer.” People find those memes amusing because they have felt like the picture or short video clip describes them at least once in their lives.

Don’t give up.

Almost no one goes viral after a single attempt. If your first video flops, be persistent. You’re bound to succeed eventually!

Choosing Your Social Media Platform

You know what a good video marketing strategy looks like. You’re equipped with the knowledge you need to make your video go viral. All that’s left is choosing your social media platform. Each social media platform has its own benefits and special features, and we won’t say one is better than the other because that depends more on where your target audience is than on what each has to offer. But we can break down the differences between them so you can pick the one that suits the type of video content you want to create.

social media platforms icons on phone screen


Currently, YouTube is the largest video platform in the world, and it caters to users of all ages. (However, most people on YouTube are 18-25.) There is a lot of flexibility for video creation. You can create 60-second shorts or full-length skits and vlogs. Another great thing about YouTube is the chance to partner with famous influencers who can help promote your brand. Some YouTubers have millions of subscribers, and if you share a similar target audience, you’re able to get your content in front of a lot of people through a partnership.


Instagram is popular with Generation Z as well as Millennials. (For more information on marketing to Millennials, check out our other blog!) Instagram Reels allow users to post up to 90-second videos. You can also post images and text on Instagram, which helps you craft engaging stories when you’re not making video content. Think of Insta as a combination between Facebook and Snapchat.


YouTube may be the biggest video platform on the market right now, but TikTok has been growing steadily since its creation. Right now, it has more than 1 billion active users. This app caters mainly to Generation Z, and it is highly addictive. People with TikTok accounts spend more time on the app than on any other social media platform. Videos started out with a 15-second limit at the beginning, but you can now create content up to 10 minutes long. Just remember, just because you can create long content doesn’t mean you should.

But one of the things that separate TikTok from other social media platforms is focused audio. 88% of TikTok users say that audio is essential to getting the full experience on this app. Most popular posts have music or voiceovers. Sometimes, TikTok sounds go viral. For instance, Capone’s hip-hop remix of the song “Oh No” could be heard in the background of many TikToks during 2021. While sounds trend often on this app, we suggest creating your own original sounds to complement your videos. It’s easy to hop on a trend, but trends die. People get tired of hearing the same thing all the time. They’re looking for something new and original. So, make your own audio on TikTok or with other tools like iMovie and MyMusic. Who knows, your sound could go viral next!

Here’s the bottom line: If you’re going to use TikTok, you’re going to need killer audio. Catchy music or other sounds are what make your videos stand out from the rest.

We Can Help You With Video Marketing!

That was a lot of information we threw at you. If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of crafting a successful video, don’t worry. USA Link System can help. Our video marketing experts will help develop your brand’s goals while creating a tailor-made strategy for you. Contact us today for help!

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