2022 Social Media Statistics You Need Now

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2022 Social Media Statistics You Need Now

Social | Feb 22, 2022

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The experts at ULS have done the heavy lifting and compiled all of the latest, up-to-the-minute social media statistics you need in one easy-access spot! Read on for more details. Some of these stats may surprise you.

Instead of spending precious time scouring the web for the latest data your brand needs, use the extra time to strategize. These insights are key to reaching your target audience with impactful, personalized content that will keep them coming back for more. Reading the room of each digital platform will level-up your posts and drive engagement, which will boost brand awareness, trust, and revenue.

Go Global: The Internet’s International Impact

Instant worldwide connection is more common than ever. The biggest benefit of globalization means your brand can reach audiences from anywhere! Even if you started out thinking small, these global stats can help you expand your brand horizons beyond your wildest dreams! Social media statistics for business are the secret ingredient to creating a solid digital marketing strategy that can impact audiences anywhere!

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Closer to Home: US Internet Stats

Understanding the audience in your own back yard is also crucial to brand growth. Data about the average American will help you understand what trends your brand already fits or could be using better to impact your target demographic. Some patterns may hit home, and others might be a bit of a surprise!

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

The most popular platforms know what customers want and provide easy ways to connect with friends, family, brands, and more! Understanding how each platform performs can give you valuable insights to help you apply your brand’s marketing resources wisely. Not every demographic uses each platform the same way, or in some cases, some demo don’t use some at all!

Your brand’s niche and industry will also have a heavy hand in determining the best outlets for your strategy, and getting that info is key to staying ahead of the competition.

Snapchat, Pinterest, and Going Mobile

Even “smaller” social media platforms have a major impact, especially those taking place on smaller screens! Mobile activity only continues to rise, so seeing how those habits relate to your business is vital for bridging the gap between your planning and rising ROIs. Stay up to date on the latest trends to make sure your strategy stays innovative.


Analytics, Social Media Management and Scheduling

Data management sounds like a lot of numbers, but those figures are the best way to measure your marketing campaigns, make meaningful adjustments, and manage social media stress-free. Instead of wasting time worrying if your posts will go out on time, you can rest easy knowing you’re already ahead of the game with a data-driven plan! Predicting your next steps helps you keep your content calendar on schedule.

CRMs, eCommerce, and Sales Tactics

If you aren’t equipped for eCommerce, you’re missing out on ever-increasing profits! CRMs help make the transition a breeze by organizing and storing all of the customer data you need to effectively reach and convert attentive audiences into committed customers. Check out additional tips and tricks to closing conversions and creating higher profits with our stats!

What are you waiting for? Download our PDF! 2022 Social Media Statistics & facts | USA Link System

No need to scour the internet for the latest data. The experts at ULS have compiled everything you need to succeed in one easy-to-read file ready for download. If you need extra assistance or a walk-through, you’re welcome to schedule a free consultation with us to get your brand on the right track!

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