Improve Your Business’s Website’s User Experience With URLs

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Improve Your Business’s Website’s User Experience With URLs

SEO | Mar 26, 2021

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88% of users are less likely to return to a website after a bad user experience. Ensuring that your business’s site is properly designed and running is critical for your brand’s reputation and success. It's all about your UX and UI approach.

What is user experience?

User experience, or UX, is how a user feels when interacting with a system. From desktop software to mobile applications to simple web pages, UX is a prominent factor when any type of human-computer interaction is required for proper upkeep and usability. What are user experience goals you may ask?

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By examining and calculating users’ impressions about the system in which they are cooperating with like usability, value, quality, applicability and efficiency, businesses can aim to reach high marks across all these categories.

Through innovative and customer-driven design and consideration, brands can improve their business’s systems with improved UX — an important factor for any business wanting to improve their customer retention rates and new sales.

Here's some other reasons why UX is important for business:

The benefits of user experience

As a result of the newest user experience methodologies, websites continue to reach and implement new and innovative technological advancements year after year, putting user-centered design at the forefront of marketing strategy in regards to a brand’s website.

It’s common knowledge that in order to be successful in running a business, you must provide your customers and clients with an outstanding and memorable experience, a factor that should always be a top priority and consideration within your marketing strategy.

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Many of a brand’s customers will come across their website first before anything else, so it’s critical that it’s designed to deliver stunning and notable results to any potential client.

There a ton of reasons why a good user experience design can be beneficial for your brand, but some of the most important ones include:

  • Lower bounce rates — A measured low bounce rate on your business’s website means that it’s easily accessible and users are quickly finding what they are looking for.
  • Higher conversion rates — Conversion rates aren’t always about sales. A potential customer filling out a forum on your website for more information could count as a conversion. What’s important is that people are interested in your brand — the first step in gaining a potential client.
  • Positive opinions towards your brand — This is a commonly disregarded factor within marketing strategies that should actually have more prominence. Satisfied customers often become loyal customers. Having a great UX design encourages more positive reviews and engagement for your brand.

Improved UX with URL set up

While there are multiple ways to improve your website’s user experience, a simple and easy practice to get started is to set up your URLs to be SEO-optimized. This is one of the most useful UX tools and techniques.

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A “URL” is the umbrella term for a web page’s address, which locates the location of a resource (like a website) on the internet. It commonly includes a protocol, domain name and path and follows this basic format: 


  • Protocol — This pinpoints where a web browser should find information about a resource. The standard protocol is “http://” or “https://”.
  • Domain name — Also known as the “host name,” this is where the specific location of a resource is located, such as a business’s website.
  • Top-level domain — This is like a category for websites. The familiar “.com” is typical for most web pages, but “.edu” and “.gov” are also used to indicate the category of content on the site. 
  • Path — Corresponding with a website’s file structure, paths display the precise location of a page, post or file. Remember that not all URLs display or need a path.

A well-designed, UX methodology-based URL provides both search engines and humans with an optimized preview of what the webpage entails, revealing what will be clicked on beforehand, presenting potential clients with improved UX before even entering a site.

Want to design your brand’s website to improve its user experience? Our talented team of designers are skilled in UX and UI planning and implementation. Let’s talk!

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