The Best Paid Keyword Research Tools to Up Your SEO Game

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The Best Paid Keyword Research Tools to Up Your SEO Game

Industry | Feb 23, 2022

A complete keyword research and tracking strategy includes a variety of techniques and tools. Some of the free tools are just as important as the premium ones, but it’s necessary to use both.


What are SERP Tracking Tools?

SERP, or search engine results page, tracking tools allow the user to track performance of the content on their website against competitors, find low competition and high search volume keywords to target, and continually improve their website. Many of these tools offer research for YouTube and other content platforms as well.


Keyword Research vs SERP Tracking

There are two main uses for SERP tools—tracking your existing content on the SERPs, and finding ways to create new and improve existing content with site audit tools and keyword research.


Keysearch is one of the most affordable keyword research and SERP tracking tools and a great place to start for a solopreneur or small business.

Keysearch offers several pricing tiers that come with features like keyword searches, a URL explorer, competitive analysis, a backlink checker, and SERP rank tracking. However, many of the Keysearch plans limit the amount of daily searches and keywords you can track, which explains the lower subscription fee.



SEMRush is a graduated version of Keysearch, offering the same suite of tools, but with more thorough analysis. The rank tracking tools are especially more comprehensive. Other great features are the On Page SEO Checker for existing content, and SEO Content Templates to use.

SEMRush also limits your daily searches and rank tracking, but the limits are much higher than Keysearch.



Ahrefs is very similar to SEMRush in the same premium tier of SERP tracking tools. The Ahrefs database is much larger than most, if not all, of the other tools on the market, making it a top choice in the industry.

Ahrefs also still limits searches, rank tracking, and reports, but like SEMRush, the limits are very high.


Let the pros handle your SERP tracking!

Keyword research, SEO, and SERP tracking is an advanced skillset that takes years to hone, as well as a significant ongoing time commitment. Leave it to the pros and let us manage your SEO!

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