What Is Guest Posting and How Can It Help Your Brand’s Blog?

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What Is Guest Posting and How Can It Help Your Brand’s Blog?

Brand | Mar 16, 2021

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Any marketer knows that blogging is an effective strategy to attract more readers to your website. But building, managing and growing a blog can be a tedious process, even though it’s important to do so.

Bloggers who work consistently to pump out new and engaging content may find that guest blogging can be a beneficial way to lessen the workload while simultaneously improving the quality of their blog.

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Guest posting has been a trusted process for years, with many bloggers utilizing it quite often. In fact, 60% of blogs write 1-5 guest posts per month — a large number considering the size of the blogosphere.

What is guest posting? And why it's important for your brand

In simple terms, guest posting is the process of publishing a blog post on another blogger’s website rather than your own.

Multiple brands use guest blogging practices due to their wide variety of benefits. How can this help your brand? Find out below!

Build valuable relationships

Reaching out to bloggers who are in the same niche as you to inquire about guest posting is an already great starting point to building key relationships for your brand.

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While some bloggers may deny the opportunity to write for your blog, the good majority will gladly take up the offer since guest blogging opportunities are beneficial for both you and them. You receive free content while they gain more clicks to their site.

This is also great for bloggers who are new to the blogosphere and are looking to make those vital connections.

Guest blogging for SEO

One of the greatest things about guest posting is that it’s mutually beneficial. It boosts your brand’s website’s traffic, while doing the same for the publisher’s.

By utilizing SEO techniques like keyword implementation and the power of backlinks (which entails including a link to the writer’s own blog on the site in which they are being hosted), both your business guest blog and theirs will become more valuable and rank higher on search engine result pages.

Backlink inclusion should always be a non-negotiable requirement of guest posting.

Establish positive authority

On your brand’s website, you have the power over what you decide to post and the direction you want to take it.

However, establishing a large and consistent readership is challenging and time-consuming, especially since blogs are a popular and common form of content and take effort to develop.

When bloggers post well-written and properly researched content on your brand’s website, it offers your readers the chance to consider a fresh perspective, boosting your reputation for the better.

You yourself can also be a guest poster on different sites to showcase your own credibility as well.

Boost brand awareness

Guest posting can expose your brand to an entirely new audience, a number one priority for most bloggers.

The more backlinks included in your post, the higher the chance that a reader will click on it to redirect them to your brand’s page.

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Posting on guest blogging sites with similar niches expands brand awareness, prompting more people to follow you and your work. The more often you guest post, the more likely you’ll grow your connections with both readers and other professionals. But how do find guest posting opportunities?

How to get started with guest posting

Research is the first thing a brand must do when finding someone to create guest posts on their site. The internet is full of spams and scams, and it’s vital to make sure you’re not communicating this with your readers.

Begin with finding reputable and high-authority websites that are in the same niche as your brand, and determine if their content matches what you’d like to broadcast to your readers.

You want to create complementary relationships with bloggers who are actively posting on multiple platforms and consistently engaging with their audience.

Want to build an effective and profitable blog for your brand? We can help create and manage it for you! Let’s talk!

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