Drive More Sales & Connect with Your Audience by Streaming Video Marketing

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Drive More Sales & Connect with Your Audience by Streaming Video Marketing

Social | Nov 09, 2021

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Utilizing streaming video marketing creates a personal connection with your audience, builds trust, and ultimately drives more sales.

As businesses of all kinds shift to the digital space for the long haul, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.

Driving the Message (and Sales)

There are several things you can do to drive sales using streaming video.


Connect with Your Audience

By far, the most impactful result of live streaming is the ability to build brand loyalty and connect with your audience. By going live on social media or hosting a webinar, you can connect with hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of people in the same amount of time it takes to have a one-on-one consultation.

When done regularly, you consistently expose your audience to your brand and build trust, ultimately bringing in more leads and customers. Live streaming allows you to show up for the right people, address their needs, and offer solutions in real time.


Types of Live Streaming

It’s important to be strategic when leveraging live streaming for your digital marketing plan. There are many platforms to choose from, and it’s important to choose the right one.

Going Live on Social Media

While it sounds best to position yourself in front of a large audience, it’s more beneficial to get in front of the right people. Where does your target audience spend their time online? Determine the best social media platform via metrics and engagement rates.



Hosting a webinar is a great way to speak about a specific topic in a more formal manner while still allowing attendees to interact with you and your brand through a Q&A session.

As a bonus, you can build your email list if you require an email signup for your webinar.


If there is a benefit to casting a wide net, using a tool like StreamYard, you can simulcast to multiple social media platforms, broadening your reach and increasing your exposure for the same time commitment.


Build Up Your Content Bank

Live streaming is the gift that keeps on giving! If you record your live session, you can repurpose video clips into content for Instagram, YouTube, or even TikTok if your audience is younger.

A person who attended your live sessions will continue to be exposed to your brand and your message, and information-packed, bite-sized content is valuable to the busy consumer.

Consistent Exposure

When the average user is faced with information and advertising overload each day, it’s going to take several exposures to create a loyal customer. The three exposure theory states that it takes a minimum of three exposures for advertising to be effective, and in this noisy digital landscape, it’s important to make your voice heard to make the sale.


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