Why Your Brand Should Use an eCommerce Search Engine

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Why Your Brand Should Use an eCommerce Search Engine

SEO | Feb 17, 2023

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While traditional search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, or Apple Spotlight can help drive organic traffic from external sources to your brand’s website or landing page, once audiences arrive and interact with your online experience, are they able to find what they need? eCommerce search engines alleviate that guesswork and add extra benefits for customers too! See the many benefits behind why you should let USA Link System integrate a search bar into your website and outsource other design elements.

Why Your Brand Needs an eCommerce Search Engine

The key to eCommerce search engines making your brand more money is simple; search engines help customers find what they need quickly and efficiently, and audiences are much more likely to buy from you over confusing competitors if your process is clean and clear. Plus, here are other excellent bonus features to an intuitive online presence.

Improve Customer Service

Looking for an easy way to boost customer service from a web design standpoint almost instantly? Integrating a search function into your design makes it easy for visitors to find what drew them to you from an ad, word-of-mouth, social media, and more without having to ask your team for help! Plus, if even your FAQ page shows up in results, your brand will be seen anticipating customer needs to help visitors feel welcome, seen, and heard.

Plus, let’s say your initial hook was intriguing, but their needs might be better addressed by a similar product that’s a few keystrokes away. By ensuring your site is fully searchable, customers find the tailor-made solution you already have ready and waiting for them.

Personalize the Purchase Path Journey

As echoed in our customer service point above, letting potential customers wander your site at their leisure while knowing they can lean on your eCommerce product search engine, can both create and curate their own experience with your brand and also give you valuable insights on your target demographics. Each click and page view both writes each individual’s shopping story and racks up alongside other shoppers with similar ideas and choices that you can leverage into even more thoughtful and personalized experiences in future redesigns.

Adhere to Audience Expectations

While this benefit may seem simplistic, it certainly packs a punch: Customers heavily rely on being able to navigate eCommerce sites they visit the way they navigate the rest of the web - via engine tools. As more people become accustomed to the collective internet experience and as technology rapidly introduces new, cutting-edge options for advances and upgrades, design elements that used to be nice-to-have bonus features are now commonplace. Innovating beyond the basics is now a differentiating factor in a sea of over-saturated markets and compounding competition no matter what niche you choose. Since integrating eCommerce search engines is now easier than ever, audiences develop expectations that match and hold brands to that ever-changing new standard.

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What Else Do Audiences Expect?

The journey to find information, products, and more is an experience in itself for users. Think of these considerations when building yours:

  • Is the search bar easy to find?
  • Is it clearly a search bar through imagery or wording?
  • What does the results page look like, and how long does it take to load?
  • Are shoppers able to filter the results by price, color, size, quantity, or other parameters?
  • Do your descriptions offer accurate keywords that people use to differentiate your products/services?
  • Is the experience optimized for both desktop and mobile devices?
  • How Can Small Businesses Add a Search Engine?

There are a few ways to tackle adding eCommerce search engines to your brand’s online experience.

Design With Searching in Mind

The best way to ensure your eCommerce website is equipped to handle customers looking for more information is to build around that notion from the start. Outsourcing a build like this to experts like the team at USA Link System saves you time and money because our professionals stay on the cutting edge of eCommerce trends and already automatically factor in what it takes to make your website’s engine a success.

Add to An Existing Website

If you already have an eCommerce website but don’t have this function enabled, all is not lost! There are plenty of plugins and extensions available to help you integrate this crucial tool for your customers. However, knowing which one to choose can sometimes be a challenge, especially if your website was designed a little while ago or by a third party that isn’t available to upgrade your system. Enter USA Link System’s team, who can figure out exactly which tools fit the job perfectly.

What Else Can Small Businesses Do?

With so much riding on offering the best eCommerce search engine experience possible alongside the best online experience, outsource it all to the experts at USA Link System for an innovative, creative solution to all of your eCommerce incidents! Contact us today for your free consultation.

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