Tips to Use St Patrick’s Day to Boost Your E-Commerce Business

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Tips to Use St Patrick’s Day to Boost Your E-Commerce Business

Culture | Mar 12, 2022

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Just because your business is online, doesn’t mean you can’t hop on the St. Patty’s Day bandwagon and market the pot of gold out of it! Below are some of our best tips to help you chase that rainbow ’til you find it.

Research Your Market

It’s always paramount to do market research before making any changes in your ecommerce strategy. This goes for modifying your St. Patrick’s day ecommerce strategy to boost sales, too.

One good idea is to research brands who are already using successful ecommerce strategies for the holidays; doing this will give you a better idea on what works and what doesn’t.


Research Product and Collection Ideas

Continuing with the idea of research, before launching any new products for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, you should research your competition.

See what kind of products seem to perform well and which ones don’t seem to click. It’s great to be creative and think outside the box, just don’t veer too far.

Once your research is done, you can move on to creating and launching your new products. Generate some hype before launching and be sure to launch at least a week before St. Patrick’s Day to give people plenty of time to check out what’s new before it’s gone!


Be a Little Green

Not with envy, though. The theme color for St. Patrick’s Day is all things green. So, keep this color in mind for everything, whether it’s your website, your social media profiles, and also actual products and services you provide.

Modify your website to incorporate the color green in some fun way; you could even add in a four-leaf clover design, or pointer to really buy in to the whole ‘Luck of the Irish’ theme.

However as with everything in life, themed items should be added in moderation; all green everything can be too much to take in!


Send a Themed Email

Once you’ve done everything you want to do to prepare for new potential customers, why not send out a themed email to your subscribers?

This email can display your best selling products relevant to St. Patrick’s Day, via a dedicated themed webpage. Just share the link!


Strive to Be Sensitive

While it may be unfortunate, considering the social climate of the 21st century, you may have to be careful to avoid claims of cultural appropriation.

While taking part in Irish traditions on St. Patrick’s Day is understandable to many, there are others who may not see it that way. Only you can decide how much is ’too’ much.


Create a ‘Luck of the Irish’ Contest

It’s always fun to use contests on your social media platforms to increase consumer engagement on your posts and websites.

Ask people to take part in contests by subscribing to your website and email list. In keeping with St. Patrick’s Day traditions, invoke the ‘Luck of the Irish’ when selecting your contest or giveaway winners.


Use Paid Advertising

There’s no shame in using paid advertisements to boost ecommerce engagement and St. Patrick’s Day sales!

Social media platforms and the paid advertisement opportunities they offer are a great way to do this, as are things like Google Ads and even cross-promoting with other ecommerce sites that are complementary to your business.

Are St. Patrick’s Day Promotions Worthwhile?

It really all depends on your business and what products and services you offer. That’s where competitor research can be helpful, because you can see what’s already been done before, so you have an idea of what may be most effective for your brand.

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